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Hi everyone! Guys, do you think developing an MVP is important for startups? Why? If you have developed it, what did you look for? Were your expectations right? What would you have changed if you could?

  • SK

    Sean Kirby

    10 months ago #

    MVPs make sense because they are less expensive and quicker to develop than fill featured products. You can guess what people would want, but you never know for sure until you go live with something. Why waste time and money on features that don't move the needle? You can always add features at a later date.

    The most important thing at the MVP stage is to gather feedback and try to validate the business idea. Then use that to iterate and improve on the product, pivot or give up on the idea.

  • YD

    Yuliya Deretskaya

    10 months ago #

    Thanks Sean, nice feedback

  • AI

    Andolasoft Inc.

    10 months ago #

    For a startup business, what’s the best way to validate the idea?

    The answer is MVP.

    Most of the starting up business starts with the MVP development before moving on to the full-fledged web product. Well, this is the right step as it minimizes the risk of product failure upon its launch.

    In simple words, it helps to find out whether you should move ahead with the idea to develop the product or not.