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Do you like this design https://elogic.co/projects/marimekko/, I need to receive a constructive answer with the aspects of some criticism :)

  • VB

    Vladimir Beštić

    6 months ago #

    Hi Helen,

    I think it's very hard to understand what this page is about. It took me a while to figure out what your services are and what you did for this client.

    Here are 3 recommendations which, in my opinion, are going to clear that up:

    1) You to start this page with a clear headline. For example "7-step process we used to redesign Marimekko website which ultimately led to X% higher conversion rate and Y% increase in average order value" or "How we helped Marimekko increase their store conversion rate by X% with a complete website redesign in just Y months"

    2) You should get rid of walls of text on the page. Most of the people will just skim over your page. You have to include more subheadlines, bullet points and visuals so both types of people can read your content (word to word readers and skimmers)

    3) Go over each sentence, headline and image on this page and ask yourself "how this is useful for someone who wants to buy my services". For example, the section with the big headline "To be bold is to be true to your nature." doesn't really provide value to someone looking for Magento development services.

    I hope my answer has helped you!

    • HM

      Helen Mytej

      6 months ago #

      Definitely, I appreciate your feedback on this issue! Thanks a lot!
      I will take everything that you told into account.

  • MK

    Mark Kaldraw

    6 months ago #

    I like the design, but I found that your text is generally too small.

  • TD

    techy den

    6 months ago #

    Thank you

  • PV

    Philip Verghese Ariel

    6 months ago #

    This above link is broken, I am getting the following messge:
    Error 1020 Ray ID: 56a305af9835e326 • 2020-02-24 17:05:03 UTC
    Access denied
    What happened?
    This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks.

    Cloudflare Ray ID: 56a305af9835e326 • Your IP: • Performance & security by Cloudflare

  • AK

    Anna Kuzma

    5 months ago #

    I agree with previous comments, that some work on text editing needs to be done. As for me, there are too many different font styles and sizes

  • IV

    Iain Venn

    5 months ago #

    I like the design and to be fair potential clients aren't (in the main) going to be that interested in reading about other clients problems - they will be focussed on their own.

    This is a great credibility source - you are providing a very thorough piece of editorial on a prestigious client you have worked for.

    What might improve the page is a quick synopsis at the top, explaining key areas you helped the client and keep the language and terminology relatively simple.


  • AS

    Aaron Starc

    5 months ago #

    The inconsistency of font is really distracting, my eyes are going towards the bigger fonts but at the same time my vision is being disturbed by the "ant-size" fonts, which is making it difficult to concentrate on either side. Like Headings should have one size and text body should have one, makes it look neat and clean. Hopefully, the feedback is helpful.

  • AC

    Andrew Cowalsky

    4 months ago #

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  • TB

    tom brothers

    4 months ago #

    Hi Helen,
    First off, Vladimir's recommendations are spot on.
    My observations...
    The page is very attractive and "designed" (this is coming from a designer)
    The branding for Elogic is almost non-existent. (This is also a problem on Elogic's home page)....
    You could assume that people know the site they are on, but in terms of establishing the Elogic name and brand into their mind, this page does a weak job.
    I'm not bothered by various sizes of type unless it is too small and placed ineffectively... like the word "Client", which "helps" define the purpose of what I'm looking at.
    The photo of the woman in red: Beautiful, but takes up too much valuable space before Elogic begins their discussion on their impact on improving Marimekko's business.
    The photo could be cropped to be 1/2 the width (like a lower photo) so Elogic's story would not be regulated to below the fold.
    Speaking of Elogic's story, I could be wrong, but I think it doesn't start until 4 scrolls down the page (I know this will vary depending on device)
    Too much space and detail is spent describing Marimekko's problems, when they could have been framed as solutions Elogic performed to improve the Marimekko site.
    Remember, If I am on this page, chances are I am having problems with my site (or at least have noticed deficiencies) and am looking for a fix.
    Whereas the 1st photo establishes the Marimekko business, the 2nd photo really doesn't do a lot of work except to break up the text and "maybe" explain the "To be bold" headline, which in itself possibly distracts from the message Elogic is trying to tell. The flower pattern maybe works better in that regard.
    The entire "Code Review" section seems like it is restating previous problems or the obvious (Priority..to gain new customers)...in really tiny type...
    The big headline in that area "At one ecommerce conference...some experts...a design agency" just sounds so vague. Why not say "We worked with Marimekko's design agency to solve site problems" Saying something like this opens Elogic up to getting business from design agencies who may lack your expertice, not just end users.
    The statement under that headline is suspect, because it may infer that Elogic stole the business from the design agency, sooooo...
    Ahhh.... Scroll 4, in really tiny type, something Elogic should be trumpeting... "THE SOLUTION"
    For the 1st time, when Elogic should be telling "their story" the story is largely relegated to bullet points, and sometimes defaults to techspeak (implemented integrations for marketing)
    Maybe the page could have started out with...
    "Elogic solved Marimekko's ecommerce problem"
    then bullet points of the problems horizontally aligned with bullet points of your solutions
    Then...tell the story
    In that way the viewer may find out right away if he should be on this page
    Below this section...ok a pic of the site... which kinda seems like the end of the story, but....
    But then under that a seemingly dis-ordered set of topics
    I don't know why I am looking at "Third-party integrations" now... it seems the "Custom Funtionality" diagram below it gives an overall view of the work Elogic did, and this should be part of that diagram.
    Also... I now get this is where Elogic is telling their story, but it is largely hidden behind dropdowns, which in the "Custom Funtionality" diagram case, the dropdowns are not hinted at, so in case you do not hover over the item, you would never know that part of Elogic's story existed.
    (Also, I didn't read all the text in the "Custom Funtionality" diagram dropdowns, but I think the last one (Widget with...) has a typo, and "...allows customers to learn more about a tech gadget..." doesn't make sense to me. Maybe it's just dummy type?
    In the "COLLABORATION" section, it's confusing that it says "It took us about six months..." but under that "18 Months of work"
    Also in the "Collaboration" section you have a diagram that seemingly describes all the work Elogic did (?) for Marimekko...
    To me, I'm not quite sure what the communication takeaway from this diagram and the one above it is supposed to be, because they seem to overlap.
    Sorry...I'm starting to lose focus, so I'll end here. I hope this helps in some way. Good luck!

  • DP

    Dhaval Panara

    4 months ago #

    Hello Helen,

    The link is not working.

    The portfolio should be clear with proper headings and screenshots. if multiple items, i recommended to use filter options.


  • JA

    Justin Adelson

    4 months ago #

    I think my feedback is going to repeat what has already been said by most of the community but I do want to drive the point across that the content above-the-fold (i.e. the first thing I see when you page loads) is misleading and confusing. I was under the impression that the page was about a clothing designer and had nothing to do with website/magneto development. I highly recommend that information about the Marimekko project, specifically bullet points of the success of the project, is highlighted above-the-fold so visitors know exactly what the project and page is about.

  • JJ

    Joe Jenkins

    3 months ago #

    I like the design as well but feel like it's fairly wordy for the font-size. The size is about 14pt or so and the intro there tends to look a little cluttered.

  • JC

    Jill Cruz

    3 months ago #

    I like the design.

  • TP

    timly production

    3 months ago #

    it's pretty good

  • BK

    Ben Kazinik

    19 days ago #

    Hey Helen,

    I completely agree with Vladimir's feedback.
    I would describe your service better.
    I would start the page with the service - Magento Development
    And then describe what you did - Created a Mangento store + API Integrations, etc. (whatever it is that you did)
    And then minimized the client's images and their branding and highlighted more of what you did and the results that you got.

    Great question,