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Or maybe you use data from CRM/Analytics? How it was? How did you manage it? By hands or you were using any tool? Thanks in advance!

  • RB

    Ramazan Başaran

    over 2 years ago #

    Hi Ruslan,

    I am Digital Marketing Specialist @ Armut dot com. We tried to launch FB Ads to people who did not open our promotional emails to generate leads but the results were not sufficient.

    As you know, as a result of email marketing effort, after a while, inactive subscribers list is growing so we tried to reach those people via Facebook Ads. However, in my opinion, those people forgot our brand so the campaign was not successful.

    The problem in our case was to determine how we evaluate the results because if we evaluate leads as a new acquisition, results were sufficient. But, we decided on not to evaluate them as new acquisition.

    I hope, it is useful for you :)