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 So I've recently joined an amazingly talented team of engineers, marketers, designers and a great CEO but I want to spice things up as we used to back in Austin Texas with a Hackathon. However,... I wanted to know if anyone has ever participated in anything such as this where we incorporated all teams across the brand (team of 10) so we can all work on something we love and believe to be of benefit to the brand and most importantly the end user to increase our userbase's pirate metrics that matter at the moment such as acquisition, activation, retention & referral. I know I'm missing the revenue part but we aren't monetizing or using our revenue model till later 2018 and maybe not till 2019 as we're still in the very early stages of just delivering value and finding out how to increase weekly repeat users to the product. 

Do any of you happen to have any ideas or memories from something such as this that you've been part of and if so I'd love any feedback or insight as to how I can really make this thing pop off for my team as I believe this will greatly impact the company's honest hustle and tactile collaborative thinking ongoing. 

I appreciate your time, consideration and all the serious value you all bring to the community.