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Our next expert roundup post is getting ready and it reached 50+ influencers from different fields. We want to make this roundup post a mega one and seeking few more experts' experience to add. My question is: Has learning blogging on your own (Independent Learning/Self-Learning) impacted your online success? â Kindly share your experience here in the comment box below so that it will be compiled together and publish it in a roundup post.â With Kind Regards, Sincerely Yours for Philipscom PS: Those who are already responded please ignore this. Thanks PV

  • NA

    Natasha Ayers

    2 months ago #


    Yes, having learned about blogging early in my career definitely contributed to my overall success. It was all self-learned, independently taught in those days because in the early aughts, blogging was a hobby; not really a professional avenue.

    I am an early Millennial who grew up with the internet and I definitely spent a great deal of time online throughout my youth. LiveJournal, AIM, chatrooms, lots of forums; writing online while socializing was definitely a big hobby of mine... this progressed to my introduction into the world of blogging right around the time I started my writing career in 2005. Blogger was an amazing tool that took the concept of self-publishing and connecting with others while connecting companies to seriously new levels. I loved everything about the platform and found a new love in all the awesome stuff there was to read from the perspectives of real people. I simultaneously learned about blogging alongside writing for different online publications, but the two avenues had not yet merged for me.

    At this time, SEO and content writing were not really big yet, and the jobs I got as a freelance writer were very traditional journalism-oriented, though they were online. Over the next few years, however, an abundance of writing work began to come my way for companies that needed marketing-type work. By 2009, every company I worked with wanted content for their blogs, and from this point, my focus became less journalism and more eCommerce. I have had the pleasure of working with million-dollar and billion-dollar global companies, and have loved witnessing the incredible growth that has been possible with strong marketing initiatives. Fast forward to the present time, I still provide writing, editing, SEO, and other similar services for my clients' marketing needs. I can attest that without a doubt, my independent self-learned blogging skills from over 15 years ago were foundational to the success I've gained in my online career.

  • PV

    Philip Verghese Ariel

    about 2 months ago #

    Hi @Natasha Ayers
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