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We know chat bots, FB messenger bots, Telegram bots, etc... are very easy to build now. But I am having a hard time finding evidence that chatbots are successful for marketing and sales purposes.

I can see how chatbot responds on behalf of human, qualify visitors on your site, ... from there I love to hear how does anyone take the conversation to the next level and close a sale.

  • MH

    Mark Huber

    12 months ago #

    Hey Gary-Yau

    Love your question and I have the answer.

    The man to know is Canadian Scott Oldford. He is the 'go to' guy for anything chatbots (and the user experience) related. 'Google his name and see what comes up. His story is truly amazing.

    He has a huge depth of knowledge in using Chatbots in business and not only does he talk the talk he walks the walk.

    He has made many sales using chatbots only and runs a great group that I am a member of. Feel free to join via this link. https://www.facebook.com/groups/botsforbusinesscommunity/ You wont be sorry.

    See you on 'the inside'!


    Mark Huber

    • MR

      Michael (Black) Ritter

      12 months ago #

      Thanks Mark, I guess that's something to spend a weekend on to get some insights and ideas. I joined the group and hope to catch some input there soon.

  • DF

    David Feng

    12 months ago #

    I've posted this answer on a similar thread in HackerNews before. Chatbots are great if they assist me with quick actions, like viewing my order/shipping status, and when it's obvious that I'm "talking" to a bot. What gets annoying are chatbots that start with "how can I help you?" and attempt to use natural language processing on my reply to guesstimate a response. More often than not I end up frustrated, wishing there was an 'Operator' button that I can use to talk with a real person. It's way easier and more comforting to be talking to a real person behind the business when I need something.

    It's distressing that more and more chat bots are spawned every day to take the human element out of customer support or when engaging with a business. Chat bots work when they're a complement to human customer support, but when they're up front and center they tend to be distracting, frustrating, and their attempts to act human often amuses me. I do like Kik's and Messenger's approach to a bot and I think they are on the right path.

    • BS

      Bhaskar Sarma

      12 months ago #

      That's an interesting perspective. I am a bot builder, and while not a lot of people ask for an operator, some do, and it's important to give users an option to set up a call or contact a real human.

      Any chatbots that you have used which wowed you?

    • GC

      Gary-Yau Chan

      12 months ago #

      Hey David,

      I think we can all identify that instant conversation with visitors is essential. So far, from what I am reading the major challenge with human vs. bot is more how timely the reply is. That goes into the volume of the inbound messages.

      Bots are able to be proactive with the visitors 24/7. It can scale up when you have more and more traffic. There is a middle ground between having that capability but still ultimately relying on the human support.

      How do you think that can be bridge the hand-off better between bots and human to support visitors in the same messenger medium? What should the bot start off by questioning with instead?

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