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Has anyone done any research or tested out Baby Boomer Buying habits. Platforms where they are most likely to engage? On or Offline?

  • RJ

    ryan jennings

    over 3 years ago #

    I've done Facebook Campaign testing (unscientific, yet compelling) that showed pre-retirees 55-65 were easier to reach in the evenings during times when they watched their favourite TV programmes.

    Additionally, ads on iPads performed better on conversion. I believe this has something to do with eyesight and readability on a bigger screen.

    Lastly, they're likely to be sitting with their partner, who they'll make all their decisions with.

    So, if you want content consumption and improved conversion, that's where I'd start the search.

    • AD

      Andy Davis

      over 3 years ago #

      Thanks for sharing Ryan. Very interesting - definitely want to scale up that theory especially with regards to decision making with partners. That could unlock some amazing potential for content targeting... The iPdas etc are easily proven with A/B tests.