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Looking for some fresh ideas. I see plenty of articles on B2B nurture campaigns, but not so much on B2C. Little about me: I work at an online loan company. It's a significant "purchase" to take out a loan. Some need one now, others are curious / can wait. It's that "can wait" crowd I'm eyeing. Already have significant drip series set up that emphasize benefits of product, but wondering what else is out there.

  • DS

    Delshya Selvaraj

    over 3 years ago #

    Hey Charlie,

    When I was on the lookout for examples of how companies do their Drip Marketing, I only had to look into my inbox to figure it out. There are many different examples you can take inspiration from, if you delve deep into it.

    But anyway i have written a post that compiles the best ones i found. Maybe you could check that out? Most of them are B2C, So maybe they would help? http://blog.leadsquared.com/drip-marketing-ideas/

  • MB

    Marco Burgin

    over 3 years ago #

    There are four types of drip campaigns that I recommend using:

    - Top-of-mind/Educational - This type of email keep your leads engaged with your company no matter where they are in the sales funnel. By educating them you establish yourself as a trusted and knowledgeable source of information - increasing the chance you’ll be relied-upon when they’re buying.

    - Promotional - Letting people know that you have limited-time promotions or special offers will entice prospects to become customers. After all, who doesn’t like a sweet, sweet deal?

    - Training - Do you have a product that might need a little further explanation? Get your prospects on board by moving them through a training program focused on a single objective. What better way to get motivation to use your products and services than by getting them to learn how they work to achieve a goal?

    - Re-engagement - This is for those cold leads that haven’t yet bit, or haven’t purchased in a while. Maybe they tried out your services on a free trial basis but then they went into the abyss. Don’t just let them slip away. Re-engage them with timely emails to melt the ice.