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We have 500K+ from our app. We don't send many emails but our product/service is very seasonal so we recently ramped up to around 1-2 emails a week for our busy season. Long story short, we are now in the SPAM folder for gmail. Our open rate took a huge hit. What we have done: -DKIM -SPF What we are doing: -DMARC Any help is greatly appreciated.

  • JC

    Janet Choi

    11 months ago #

    In my experience - completing the authentication stuff like DKIM/SPF/DMARC will make a good difference.

    Otherwise, there's a ton of factors that go into deliverability but at a high level, I think of it as coming down to relevance and managing expectations. It could be that, despite the seasonal nature of your product/service, that your subscribers/users didn't expect that sudden frequency ramp up.

    Another aspect is that they might not be finding your messages as relevant or helpful as they could be so that you should be looking to improve segmentation & personalization.

    You might want to do some spam filter tests on some of the emails you've sent recently with tools like [Litmus](https://litmus.com/spam-filter-tests) and [Email on Acid](https://www.emailonacid.com/). (They also have great tips & info on this on their blogs).

    I also wrote a quick guide to [saving your email from spam](https://customer.io/blog/email-deliverability-tests.html) awhile back that you may find helpful.

  • JB

    Josh Brown

    11 months ago #

    Hey Spencer - when using https://intodns.com I noticed an error of no reverse DNS (PTR) entries. It may be something to look into if intodns is right.

  • PS

    Pager Smith

    11 months ago #

    Try using Amazon SES or Sendgrid for emails. You can try sending same email from your current server and then using sendgrid to see if it helps.

    I use SES to send approx. 10K transactional emails per week and never had any delivery issues.

    • SB

      Spencer Blanchard

      10 months ago #

      Thanks for the suggestions. We send about a 1 million plus a week. We use Mixpanel now but have used SendGrid in the past and it worked well for us.

  • CT

    Corey Trojanowski

    11 months ago #

    We could run a deliverability test for you. https://www.delivra.com/

  • AJ

    Ashwani Jain

    10 months ago #

    This happened to us a couple of years back. Our authority took a hit and email open rates dropped. To come back up, for the next 3 months, we did the following things:

    1. Significantly reduced the volume of emails going out. Meantime to reach the customer used notifications or another mailing accounts
    2. Sent only transactional emails or emails to our power users where open rates were really good. Doing this repeatedly sent positive signals and gradually improved the authority.
    3. Kept a couple of backup domains for always distributing the load during peak seasons. Thus, not loading the core account with too much.

    Hope this helps. Do share your experience.

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