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Content marketing obviously works wonders for B2B, but what about ecommerce?

I mean, much of the resources you've read about the about the subject mostly came from B2B brands... you know, HubSpot, LeadPages, Marketo, and so on.

Does content marketing really work for B2C?

I tried to answer this question as much as possible in my latest post, using content marketing examples from brands like Nike, Ebay, etc; check it out https://premiumcontentshop.com/ecommerce-content-marketing-game/

  • JO

    John Ocampos

    about 1 month ago #

    I would have to say yes. I may be writing content at the moment, but hear me out first. eCommerce is influenced by trust ratings and customer reviews. For almost every product released to the public, a product description would accompany it to guide and inform the buyer. Product descriptions are a form of content marketing. eCommerce is also influenced by SEO and SERP rankings. One factor that is needed to have a higher rank in SEO and SERP is to have high-quality content on your website. It means that the content on your website, it may be a blog, article, report, infographics, and statistics has been successful in adding value to the consumer that has previewed or read your content. High SEO ranking means that your website, in my opinion, has a high trust ranking. I believe that this leads to higher sales conversion for your company because consumers can trust your company with their bank information for their purchase.

    Content marketing also affects lifestyle choices regarding a consumer’s purchase. Storytelling is a form of content marketing and people love stories. A buyer may be influenced by a story that they may have encountered in social media. It can be seen in purchases within social media such as Instagram.

    Email marketing may be an old content marketing strategy but it still works. A consumer may not know what they want but when they see the content of your email and the discounts or promos you may offer them, their purchasing decision may be influenced towards favoring you.