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Do you use Tumblr? I was never someone who used the platform for personal or business uses but am I missing out? Should I be engaging in that community and promoting material there?

  • EB

    Eden Beinart

    almost 3 years ago #

    Hey Katie,
    I use Tumblr sometimes for marketing purposes but I have yet to "crack" it. It seems difficult to build followers. Maybe other people here could share their Tumblr secrets.

  • HW

    Hamish Wyatt

    almost 3 years ago #

    I don't think you're missing much these days. Useful to get simple sites up quickly (a la Wix/Squarespace), so if that's all you need it can be a good fit. Hard to build followers without lots of effort - most users seem to be either very arty/alternate or into adult content. Lots of fake accounts. Network effect very low these days as Facebook etc have consumed the functionality/mind space. Best, Hamish

  • SW

    Sophia Walmont

    7 months ago #

    I use Tumblr and I wouldn't say it's a business platform. The most of the audience consists of teenagers and artists and it really depends of what you're promoting. Did you consider Instagram? The public here is various and it has business accounts. Services like https://zen-promotion.com cut off any spam and fake accounts so you won't have to waste your time making your account more attractive and trustworthy. So in my opinion, you can try Tumblr but there are more fitting platform. Good luck anyway!

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