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Hey entrepreneurs, For the upcoming 'Get to know your customers' Day, I'd like to write about those fond memories of first customers. Do you remember who your first client was? How did you meet them? How did they help you steer the course of your business? Or anything else that you'd like to share about that memory.

  • JQ

    Jason Quey

    almost 3 years ago #

    I know the first 11 customers for my startup GrowthRamp.io:

    1. How did you meet them? Most through blogging connections.

    2. How did they help you steer the course of your business? Whelp, without them, I wouldn't have launched my startup :). I wanted at least 8 customers to believe I had something worth building.

    And in different ways, they continue to provide data as I slowly grow the startup :)

  • JA

    Justin Adelson

    almost 3 years ago #

    My first client was BrightLocal in Brighton, UK; I was introduced to them to run a B2B advertising campaign to acquire new users. I was working at a startup and hired my past employer, Social Fulcrum, to run Pinterest advertising for us. Unfortunately, the company I was working for had to shut its doors due to poor operational and financial decisions. A few weeks into temporary-retirement, I was contacted by Social Fulcrum about BrightLocal; they were looking for B2B advertising services and I had the experience BrightLocal was looking for but not at the costs of a top-tier advertising agency like Social Fulcrum. That introduction was the beginning of what is now Perfect Pixel Marketing.

    I am a one-man shop. I was able to compete for BrightLocal's business, and future prospective clients, because I am able to keep my operational costs low while providing the same high-quality service that you'd receive from a top-notch firm. Running BrightLocal's campaign on my own - compared to working across teams - gave me more creative and strategic control but it also added a lot of extra work. Before, I had a team to create creative assets, upload and publish campaigns, and aggregate the data into formatted spreadsheets. I was now doing all of that for each project. Working on that first campaign with BrightLocal helped me realize how much time is needed for each campaign so when I make time and price estimates for prospective clients I am able to deliver realistic expectations.

    The one thing that has remained the same for me from my first client to my most recent is that transparency is key. I've recently lost a client because I told them that they should discontinue advertising on that current platform due to poor sales funnel metrics. I could have easily shown them vanity metrics that made the campaign look better than it really was in hopes that they would sign on for another month or more. However, I knew that the current advertising network would not drive net-positive ROIs and I would only be doing more harm than good.