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Looking for examples of offers that are "To good to be rejected" where everyone wins.

  • SM

    spencer mann

    over 3 years ago #

    I am mostly engaged in the self serve space, so these examples are going to be targeted to automated offers rather than a sales pitch.

    Here are some offers that have worked out particularly well for us:
    1) After a users has started a credit card required trial, we offer to extend their trial length if they upgrade to a higher tier plan. A solid chunk of users accepts the offer and about half end up paying at the higher tier. Interestingly, we tried the same thing before they started their cc required trial, (advertised that higher tiers had longer trials) but found it had no effect. I have consistently seen that incremental investment is the most effective form of promotion.
    2) We did a test where we offered a discount for free users who were engaged in our product after 3 days. We tried two versions of this, one where the discount was 1 time only, the other gave them until the end of their 7 day trial (this is before our cc trial days). As you would expect the one time only discount was the winning variation, it added a sizable chunk of new subscriptions while the variation that did not require immediate action only cannibalized standard end of trial payments.
    3) We did another test where we advertised that if you completed a survey and were selected for an interview we would give you an $25 amazon gift card. A stunning amount of users actually completed this survey, we then tied this to their usage data to determine who to call for an interview. In the end we captured a significant amount of user data and only paid for the in-depth interviews that perfectly matched the persona questions we were interested in.

    We have done a few others, but those are some of my favorites. Happy to provide a few more if people are interested.