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#1: Have you tested algorithms to detect customer's gender based upon name?

#2: Has someone experience with gender-targeted copy in focused ADs compared to unisex targeting? SEA and SMA.

#3: Do you have experience with gender-targeted surveys/questionnaires and to use the received "natural vocabulary" for different copy-sets?

#4: What tools do you use for this capturing?

  • RK

    Ryan Kulp

    almost 4 years ago #

    I've gone even further than gender; I've targeted by race.

    To clarify, I didn't actually change the copywriting itself. But I did change the creative.

    Context: online makeup subscription company, Facebook ads. I parsed out custom audiences for Black, Asian, Hispanic, etc and each ad group sported identical copywriting, but the image was a beautiful woman of the same race as the audience.

    Within the first 1.5 hours, the Asian cohort became profitable. Pretty cool!

    "We look to identify with people (ads) like us."

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