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for example finder.expert -- (chrome extension) after I use some time for validation proofy.io

  • NM

    Nzr Mueez

    almost 2 years ago #

    Please beaware. Linkedin doesn't allow use of such softwares anymore. Your Linkedin might get blocked. And those tools have their own limitations.

    We have been helping start up with growth hacking specially using Linkedin data. Let me know if you are interested in knowing more.


    • RO

      Roman Onischuk

      almost 2 years ago #

      yes, I wanna know more, but I use finder and proofy.io in collaboration and grow my sales box if you want to know more reach me out

  • AI

    Andolasoft Inc.

    almost 2 years ago #

    You can use the LinkedIn Sales Navigator. You just need to install it on your chrome browser.