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Other aspects of influence are well handled, but it seems this is very much overlooked on websites. OK, there's a modest chat box in the bottom right and/or survey tool (hi Sean/Qualaroo lol). But that's pretty passive and comes nowhere near the relationship building and liking you get from a salesperson on the floor shmoozing and hearing fishing stories and what the prospect's genius 4 year old said yesterday. How do we listen better to prospects? Do we just need to be more aggressive in initiating live chat? Ask better ice-breakers to get visitors talking? Move from text chat to video asap, so it's more real and people have the opportunity to shmooze off topic / be friendly rather than automated order takers? Some new technology? I'd love to hear your thoughts ... and intend to quote the better answers in an upcoming article.

  • AA

    Anuj Adhiya

    almost 4 years ago #

    I think we have to be more aggressive (but cautiously so).

    One experiment I've been trying out off late is cold emailing GH members and meeting IRL
    The quality of conversation and the kind of connection that happens with that sort of an interaction is way beyond what might happen otherwise.

    We'd also tried office hours a while back that got a great response (we stopped it a few months back but I'm hoping to get back to doing it again soon).

    If you have enough of a signal that people find value in what your offering, they are likely open to talking to you. They just want to do it on their own terms and on their own time.
    When they're on your site, they're there for a purpose - which most likely may not be chatting with you about stuff. I think they need to have found value in your offering first before you have the opportunity (or the right) to deepen the relationship.

    Does the IRL (or even office hours) approach scale? No, but relationship building itself is hard work and takes time no matter what.

    • GG

      Gab Goldenberg

      almost 4 years ago #

      I think that's a great approach for building relationships with GH members. I'd love to be in touch with you myself - why don't you add me on skype? Gabriel.Goldenberg

      How did you go about doing 'office hours'?

      I understand what you're saying about people not necessarily being interested to talk... but am not totally convinced. I know this plays a huge role offline (and so did Carnegie and all those who read/applied his ideas) and am pretty sure that finding how to translate this to digital will be a humongous win.

      • AA

        Anuj Adhiya

        almost 4 years ago #

        Added you on skype :)

        On the office hours thing, see this: https://growthhackers.com/questions/show-gh-office-hours-with-growthhackers/ (the scheduling link in here isn't active anymore)

        Re: not necessarily being interested in talking....

        One framework I usehere is the Marketing Hourglass: https://growthhackers.com/articles/7-little-words-that-sum-up-the-entire-marketing-machine/

        While the framework applies to marketing, you can look at it from the context of relationship building as well.
        Given the sequential nature of the framework, I look at going in for my ask as the equivalent of the "Try" step.

        By definition this means that they have to mentally have gone through the prior phases of Know, Like & Trust (my offering/me/my organization) before they are in a state to be open to whatever else it is I want to engage with.

        Without that happening, my odds of success (I think) are quite low.
        This is why cold emailing works (and why office hours worked) because GH members have already gone through Know/Like/Trust and are receptive to Try whatever it is I might be talking about.

  • MM

    martín medina

    almost 4 years ago #

    One big thing I do on social media to help build relationships is reach out to followers and customers via private message.

    I don't like chat on websites, with so much automation it seems fake. I reach out usually with a personal message so people know I am genuinely interested in hearing what they have to say and building a relationship with them. I also ask a lot of questions on social media, I run polls and listen to what my customers have to say. I reach out to our users about what they are unhappy with and how I can help them and improve my products. It's a little old school but just reaching out and asking for people's opinions has helped me a lot, it doesn't need to be on social media but take the time to write one or two extra emails and ask people what they think and how you can improve.

    • GG

      Gab Goldenberg

      almost 4 years ago #

      Good subjects and showing an interest over social media like that definitely works! but the real question is about doing this on your own site.

  • DS

    Divya Sharma

    almost 4 years ago #

    Hi Gab

    In my personal experience, the live chat option has now gone redundant because almost every website has this chat option bouncing in one corner probing users to ask questions. Again, pop-ups, surveys and polls do work for most of the companies but then they also get a little intrusive at times.
    Most of the times, the customers speak a lot to us just alone by their actions. As Dale Canergie has often quoted that listening is an art which equals to undeviating attention to details and very high observation skills.

    While a customer comes up on your website, you surely should have some guidance in place for him or her to understand, say like a notification asking him "What he is looking for" and on the basis of his/her reply, redirecting them to the required page. You can have countless notifications popping up at the right time totally based on user action. Say if you the user activity has remained stagnant for more than 3 minutes, you can go forward and nudge them asking if they are lost. Similarly, if the person is, say, you are an ecommerce website, abandoning your cart, an exit intent may fall into place.
    What I am trying to emphasize on is, that every user action speaks something about the user. So rather than waiting for a response from the user which in most of the cases becomes highly unlikely to get, we can focus on user actions and derive at least a few data points around the users.

    This is the era of automation wherein you predict all plausible user actions and have your engagement already in place for them. Yes, a lot of permutations and combinations are involved but once you fix "customer journeys" you are sorted for a long long time.

    I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.

  • MV

    Matt Vazquez

    about 2 years ago #

    Hey Gab,

    We actually just published a very tactical guide to help sales reps nail the "etiquette" around initiating conversations via chat on websites.

    ^ Includes quotes and success stories from both internal and external reps. Let me know what you think.