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Hey everyone, I have been experimenting with different use cases of chatbots. And over the last weekend I tried to convert the AirBnB original pitch deck into a bot - https://hellotars.com/convBot/demos/airbnb/ Chat is a really good way to connect with people and I feel decks/presentations are all about conveying your thoughts to the other person. And telling your product/company story over such an interface makes it more human. Would love to know what you guys think about it!

  • MW

    Mike Walton

    over 3 years ago #

    I love it!
    Let's the viewer be in control, and "ask" what they want (to a certain extent).
    Much more entertaining that a typical pitch deck, especially for those that have low attention spans (aka me).

  • JA

    Jugal Anchalia

    over 3 years ago #

    Hey Ish - This is a very interesting way to show your Pitchdeck. I like the idea in principle and I'd certainly try this, the next time I'm showing my pitchdeck to someone.

    Though, there are some limitations listed below to this as well, but I'm sure some of which we can handle that from this product.

    1. We can give much more options to investors to ask questions about. (more complex workflows)
    2. There need to be some more cards with interactive graphs & images. Usually it is very difficult to read so many numbers simultaneously.
    3. While presenting physically, I usually never open my pitchdeck - because most of the investors like to listen. The major use case for this could be while one is not present personally & has to share the deck.

    Probably you can get more feedback from investors themselves and share your learnings. :)