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  • KI

    Kevin Indig

    4 months ago #

    I haven't seen it, yet. I could see it for very low priced products, think Buffer or Mailchimp, that don't really allow a sales approach. I would see it more as a "brand awareness" or "lead nurturing" channel than "lead generation".

    • PH

      Pradyut Hande

      3 months ago #

      Well made point. Instagram in such a case would serve more as a brand awareness and employee engagement channel.

  • JD

    Jay Dalvi

    4 months ago #

    Maybe for B2C SaaS ( Mercedes did it the best IMO : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B3UW5AXwWUQ). Haven't yet seen anyone play big on instagram for B2B. Given the fact instagram was always seen as brand over performance marketing channel.

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