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I've just finished a landing page for a new product: https://httptoolkit.tech. Here I'm actually trying something quite new: for each of the features discussed, I've built a tiny live demo implementation of product UI I'm considering as its background: from streaming data to graph designs to a live content editor.

This is an idea I've been mulling for a while, as a route to rapid MVP/landing page validation, straight from the very start. I figure if you're building things for the web, why not do the initial UX inline in the landing page itself? It is certainly more time consuming than skipping these details entirely, so it's debatable...

I'm confident it'll make the full MVP easier, but I think too that it's improved how I think through the landing page content, and work out exactly what I'm solving & how in a very visual & hands-on way. I'm also hoping it makes it all feel a bit more real than lots of early landing pages. It can be hard to interest users in potential vaporware, but here you can see (and interact with) key parts of the product straight away, even before the full MVP is built. Is this a good idea, or a waste of time?

What do you think?