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Hi mates, I'd really appreciate if you can guide me with this doubt. I'm headed a community-based fashion marketplace focused on fresh designers and entrepreneurs.

Besides classic monthly/weekly newsletter campaigns, my objective is create event trigger marketing automatization campaigns where finally I'll able to:

(1) People receive email after "x" days they triggered "y" event (logged out, saved a product in his collection, liked, shared, etc).

(2) People receive email after "x" days they haven't returned to our site.

(3) People receive emails with all the products they liked or viewed and other customized recommendations.

(4) so on. I can do that manually with Mixpanel, but my idea es automatize it.

I know Mailchimp has marketing automatization in Pro version, but only if you're integrated in with Shopify, Magento and others ecommerce platforms. We've our own site and product management. Does any of you has similar email strategies and how you do it? Best,

  • PM

    Pedro Marzagão

    about 1 year ago #

    Hi Erik, did you explore the eCommerce API within Mailchimp? You don't need to use any of the predefined platforms if you can connect through the API.

  • AM

    Allison Martin

    about 1 year ago #

    Hey Erik!

    I recently explored – and did walkthroughs of – multiple automated email products. I think BlueCore would make the most sense. Full disclosure: I haven't used BlueCore, because it wasn't the right fit for my company, but it sounds like it would perfectly fit your needs.

    In case this is helpful, the rep I did my walkthrough with was Steven Burke.

  • RB

    Ramazan Başaran

    12 months ago #

    Hi Erik,

    We started to use Iterable (iterable.com) to automated promotional mails and notifications. We switched to it from Mailchimp because as you said, Mailchimp requires integrations and technical requirements to use automations. However, in Iterable you can create "workflows" that is designed to send sequential mails or notifications that is triggered by another email, event or time.

    Lets check worksflow structure, i think it will be useful for you https://support.iterable.com/hc/en-us/articles/205480265-Workflow-Overview

    You can type me anything on your mind:)

  • PR

    Perri Robinson

    12 months ago #

    Hi Erik,

    We use Marketo - I feel their content flow and analytics really strong!


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