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Any new ideas on how to increase B2B leads instantly

  • MF

    Maksym Frantsuzov

    about 3 years ago #

    There are many good ways to generate quality B2B leads but nothing works well at the very beginning when you decide to try a promising strategy. You’ve got to constantly test and tweak its components to increase its performance and get more bang for the buck. Here’s a few suggestions for you:

    1. Model Your Closest Competitor’s Success

    How do you know the exact keywords your ideal client types in the search when looking for your product or service? What kind of ad copy would resonate with them most? If you just follow the logic and invest in advertising relying on assumptions, you will drain your budget in no time.

    It’s a shot in the dark.

    You need a proof that all components of your ad campaign can actually deliver practical results.

    Most companies learn their audiences the hard way through their own trial and error. They waste tons of money on experiments playing with their ads until they collect enough data to back up their logical guesswork and prove it to themselves.

    However, instead you can steal this data from your competitors who sell very similar products and services. If there’s an ad they keep running for weeks or months, doesn’t it mean they’re reaping good profits from it?

    Model this ad and bid on the same keywords to replicate their success. Note that modeling is not copying and pasting, it’s all about imitating the ideas.

    Discover their top performing ad campaigns by using competitive intelligence tools such as SEMRush and SimilarWeb.

    If your closest competitor’s ad is profitable, doesn’t it mean that their entire funnel is profitable and you should model it completely? Of course you should.

    Study and model their landing page, lead magnet, email follow-up sequence, etc.

    2. Test Different Types of Lead Magnets

    Try offering such lead magnets as:

    -content upgrades
    -free challenges
    -free 1 on 1 consultations
    -free 1 on 1 coaching sessions
    -free group coaching
    -free webinars
    -sequential lead magnets
    -free trial of your product/service
    -shippable books/brochures/memory cards/

    3. Create Linkable, Embeddable and Shareable Assets

    Produce valuable content that naturally attracts a lot of backlinks, embeds and social shares. If it does, your outreach for back links and social shares will be a breeze. For example, conduct an industry research or make an expert roundup in form of a blog post, slideshow presentation, infographic or gifographic.

    4. Boost Your Top Lead Capturing Blog Posts

    If you have an established blog that works well for lead generation, look for your blog posts that have been converting your readers into leads at the highest rate for an extended period of time. You should keep promoting them until your other posts start outperforming them.

    Note which traffic source has been sending you the highest converting website visitors to one of these posts.

    If it’s your Facebook page, share this blog post there once again and boost it to similar audiences starting with a tiny budget. Getting good results, increase your ad spend. In case your campaign fails, split test a few more ads with little money.

    -If it’s Twitter – boost this blog post the similar way with Twitter ads.
    -If it’s Pinterest – use Pinterest ads.
    -If it’s Linkedin – use Linkedin ads.

    Many bloggers mistakenly boost their most popular posts, not the most converting ones and lose money. For example, a post that received 500 views and generated 50 leads is more important for your business than a post that hit 5k views and captured 100 leads. Boosting the last one without re-optimizing it for conversions is not a good way to build your list.

    5. Grow and Leverage Influential Connections

    Build relationships with influencers whose audiences fit your business and deliver value as an expert in your field:

    -write a guest post for an influencer’s blog
    -get featured on an influencer’s podcast
    -become a guest speaker at an influencer’s webinar
    -speak at an influencer’s offline event

    6. Start an Affiliate Program

    If you had an army of successful affiliates promoting your product or service, you would receive leads and sales on complete autopilot without having to pay anything upfront, just a certain commission per sale after the sale is made. They do all the marketing for you and you just sit back and relax.

    7. Ask Your Existing Customers for Referrals

    Encourage your happy customers to refer clients to your business by spreading the word about their success with your company in their networks of connections. Reward them with a discount and/or extra product/service they might want to get.

    8. Re-Target Your Website Visitors

    A person who visited a certain page, clicked on a certain button on your website has demonstrated interest in something you were offering there. Give them another chance to convert by re-targeting them with a related offer.

    9. Re-Target Traffic that You Send to Other Sites

    As you share other people’s content on your website and social media, you’re sending your traffic away and just lose leads.

    However, you might want to attach a message to every link that you share by using tools like Sniply — Embed messages into the articles you share.

    10. List Your B2B Startup in Startup Directories

    Get access to extra sources of high quality recurring traffic and leads just by listing your B2B startup in multiple startup directories. However, doing a research to find out what are the best ones and performing manual submission is insanely time consuming and ridiculous. You can have it done for you and skip the nightmare by using Startuplister - Promote your startup on the best websites

    If you’re looking for more ways to get quality B2B leads, I’ve made a sumo sized post providing 111+ killer lead generation ideas and 111+ lead generation tools for B2B companies on a tight budget here https://leadgenerationpal.com/111-killer-lead-generation-ideas-for-b2b-companies-on-a-tight-budget/

  • KW

    Katie W

    over 2 years ago #

    To increase sales leads, you need to go where the action is. It’s important to find new ways to target your ideal prospects so that you can maximize your lead generation efforts. The only way you’ll be able to scale your business at an accelerated rate is to keep a steady stream of sales leads entering the funnel.

    Below are a few ways you can generate leads for your business.
    1. Social Media
    2. Live Chat
    3. Website Visitor Tracking Software
    4. Cold Outbound Email Campaigns

    Hope that helps!