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In the last 3 weeks, we've noticed a massive drop in traffic from Quora in Google Analytics. We get a substantial amount of business from Quora, as we are lucky enough to be in an industry where many Quora users ask questions like "Are there any companies that provide [our service]?" We aren't spamming Quora, we simply answer questions that can be accurately answered with our products (and we always disclose). After a bit of investigation, I discovered that all links in Quora answers are now rel="noreferrer", so GA sees them as direct visits. Why would Quora do this? Do they want to discourage businesses from seeing Quora as a useful channel? I'm a Quora power user, and I've always found that Quora does a great job of surfacing actually relevant answers and collapsing bad ones, but maybe they had a spam issue I was unaware of?

  • AM

    Andreas Mitschke

    over 5 years ago #

    It is more of a privacy concern, I assume.

    You do not lose traffic, your analytics platform just can not read out the necessary data to log a referred visit.

    I think mixpanel should still capture the traffic and in GA you should only lose sessions. Though, it is pretty unpleasant, but it is less of a hit than back then when Google announced to stop forwarding "search terms".

    PS: I got here by @SeanEllis auto posting of old GH articles ;)