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Curious to start using it and just want to hear some advice. Mostly for social media development.

  • MB

    Morgan Brown

    almost 6 years ago #

    I use Zapier for the following:

    - Unbounce landing pages into GoToWebinar registration process
    - Google Spreadsheets to email so I can generate lots of custom email quickly via my own email account to contacts/influencers/etc. and track it all in the spreadsheet.

  • JM

    Jason Miguel

    almost 6 years ago #

    I use Zapier for pretty much all my business automation. I always say though if Zapier ever goes down for even a day a lot of businesses are screwed. lol

    I also use it as a brain exercise once in a while to find new ways different systems can be integrated to achieve growth

  • GE

    genna elvin

    almost 6 years ago #

    Yes! I use Zapier for taking user details from mySQL database and adding them automatically to Highrise. I think it's a great tool because you can connect a lot of apps that traditionally required in house dev to do.

  • DM

    Dan Medcraft

    almost 6 years ago #

    in our office, we use Slack as our main internal messaging tool, and we have a bunch of feeds that we use with it, in terms of social media tracking, customer sign-ups, Git requests, etc. I find it an amazing help

  • JM

    Jason Miguel

    almost 6 years ago #

    If you are looking for more social media integration you should take a look at https://ifttt.com which is similar to zapier.

  • DS

    Dan Shaffer

    almost 6 years ago #

    I just started testing some advanced email lists with campaign monitor. I have it set up to move subscribers from an autoresponder list to a different list when the autoresponder is finished.

    Zapier will take new subscribers I set up on an autoresponder and create a google calendar event for when the autoresponder emails are finished (which is a few weeks later). Once the calendar event comes up, it will add that email contact to a different list I can then use for regular email marketing.

  • SB

    Scott Bishop

    almost 6 years ago #

    The most used Zap is to connect our payment platforms to our email lists. When someone signs up, they get tagged a certain way depending on the channel and then a specific email campaign based on those tags. I use ifttt for personal stuff and Zapier for biz.

  • DS

    Daria Shualy

    almost 6 years ago #

    We're awaiting approval, so I'll keep you posted on how it goes once we get approved (we being daPulse.com).

  • JD

    Josías De La Espada

    about 5 years ago #

    I use Zapier for...:
    - Google Spreadsheets (CSV) to Sezion, so me or our clients can easily generate personalized videos (a video per product for ecommerce or an email campaign where every subscriber receives a video with their name, etc.). Howto video: http://bit.ly/1BQE1Ab.
    - Unbounce landing pages to Activecampaign, so I can easily launch automate email campaigns.
    - Unbounce to Zoho CRM.
    - Twitter to Twitter, so I can automatically retweet our corporate tweets from my personal account.
    - Appointlet to Sezion, Sezion to Gmail. Every time a lead asks for a calendar slot, he/she automatically receives an email with a personalized video with the new meeting information.
    - Twitter to Sezion, so I can easily make videos from my favorite tweets (triggers: #marketing, more than 1k followers).

  • LB

    Laura Brodie

    about 5 years ago #

    I use Zapier in a few ways:
    - automated tweets to new followers w/ free content download via landing page (converts surprisingly well)
    - hubspot / hip chat integration for quick ( and in your face!) way of notifying sales team of new leads.
    - GoToMeeting creation from landing page call request

  • TR

    Tara Reed

    over 4 years ago #

    When I launched the MVP for my startup, I used Zapier to power the backend of my 'app'.

    Blogged about it here

    Used the MVP to start bringing in revenue & get into 500 Startups' accelerator program as a non-technical founder.

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