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  • TC

    Tad Chef

    15 days ago #

    I don't "take advantage of", "exploit", "game", "trick" or "leverage" any social networks. When one of those things is your approach you are dead on arrival on social media.

    You can simply use social networking sites the way they were designed to. There are manifold benefits in dong so. There is no need to take advantage of them.

    Many of the sites you mention are not even meant for networking. Quora, YouTube or Pinterest are not social networks really. StumbleUpon does not even exist anymore!

    I think you have the wrong mindset and won't succeed when using social media for growth. You should look for someone who knows more about social media and not try it yourself as you might get banned on many sites.

  • VM

    Vijay Mandeep

    17 days ago #

    Hi Nichole, Glad you asked this question. This has been bugging me ever since I've decided to excel in growth marketing. I'd love to see some great responses from experts in growth. I too have a couple of channels that you could target for growth:

    1. Hacker News - Only and only if your business is into tech and your target audience are developers, founders, co-founders and C-level executives. The ideal strategy is to post content that is relevant to the community and the goal is to get featured on the first page. The best time to post can be only determined by you as it varies from user to user.

    2. Reddit - This has been a great source of growth. If you know which subreddit to be part of or which subreddit makes the most sense to your business, then you are good to go. This is similar to hacker news but with better UX/UI and different subreddits to be part of. You'll have to share content that is relevant to the community or is in interest with the current community discussion thread. You can share an Image, text or a link. Your goal would be to get upvotes and start trending in the particular subreddit. Again the best time is to be decided by you.

    Hope this helps and yes I'll be closely watching the responses to this question.

  • KI

    Kevin Indig

    14 days ago #

    Less social networks and more niche communities. It depends on the company and product, but there's a niche community out there for pretty much every company.

    The benefit that niche communities have over bigger social networks is that users are more passionate in niche communities because of their focus on one topic. You join a big community because everyone's on it and you want to be part of the chatter but you join a small community because you're passionate about something.

    Clay Shirky writes in her book "Here comes everybody": "what makes these communities bond is 'love' of something as demonstrated by members who go out of their way to help without any financial interest."

    People on Untappd are passionate about beer (as a German, I sympathize with that).

    People on Goodreads are passionate about Books.

    People on Dribbble are passionate about design.

    I wrote an article about that a while ago:

  • BL

    Brian Lynn

    over 4 years ago #

    HackerNews - if your target customers are developers / founders. The strategy is to post something very worthwhile and get featured on the first page. To be featured, you need upvotes by fellow users with high karma points. Best times to post is between 9am to 10am EST as you'll get the most voting activity from the community.

    Here's a study with extensive data done by a curious developer: http://nathanael.hevenet.com/the-best-time-to-post-on-hacker-news-a-comprehensive-answer/

  • LR

    Luis Rivera

    16 days ago #

    I think, depending on your target audience, the best social networks are the main ones that the majority are using. Whether it's for advertising, sponsors, networking, whatever it may be, I find that the best ones are Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. This blog post (https://izea.com/2018/04/05/highest-paid-social-media-influencers/) shows all the highest-paid social influencers and the platforms they use. Most of them on the list are Instagram and YouTube, seeing as they mainly use those platforms to sponsor or advertise, but I think they can also be utilized for all kinds of networking as well.

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