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I have a dilemma: the previous marketing team that worked at my company messaged the world in a way that was counterproductive and positions us in a market we don't want to be.

To remove the confusion I would like to kill a bunch of old content and redirect those URLs to new content we wrote that's similar in topic but much higher performing according to my analytics.

Since I've never seen an article talking about doing this, I'm wondering if I'm about to do something bad. The SEO impact of removing old content to me is not really a concern because I DON'T WANT THAT TRAFFIC, it's the wrong kind of people looking for a product we don't sell.

Any thoughts?

  • HJ

    Healy Jones

    over 5 years ago #

    You inspired me to write a little blog post responding. I haven't been in this extreme of a situation, but I have gotten a lot of good love out of re-doing older pages and posts. Hope it helps!


  • AY

    Azizul Yusof

    over 5 years ago #

    Redirecting straight to the new posts could destroy the trust, if you have the concern.

    I would suggest to redirecting to a special page where you inform the visitor that the post is no longer exists, kinda like a Error 404 page. But on this page, you should add recommended post, the posts that you wanted to redirect to in the first place.

    Or you just redirect them just the way you plan to...

  • GG

    Gail Gardner

    over 5 years ago #

    If the new content is similar in topic I don't see a problem with doing this.