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Does anybody have experience with any of the automated webinar platforms like StealthWebinars or EasyWebinars? I see there is some difference in pricing but would be great to hear if anyone see a difference in value as well?

  • JL

    Jonathan Levi

    about 3 years ago #

    If you'd asked me 6 months ago, I would've told you without a doubt that it was EverWebinar (WebinarJam's sister product). However, they have migrated to the V5 platform, and in doing so, they completely destroyed the lead tracking. No matter how sophisticated your analytics are (and trust me, we have it all... Facebook Ads, WickedReports, and Google Analytics), you have NO way to track how many leads come through. They expect you to use their own (broken) lead tracking.

    But that's not the worst part.

    The worst part is that if you ask support about it, they'll tell you "no" and ask you to use their analytics - which, as I said, sucks. If you dare to a question about it in the user's group to see if anyone else has experienced this, they will remove your post and BAN you from the group.

    I've heard many reports of people being banned for asking simple questions that suggest V5 improvements are needed.

    Basically, Genndi (formerly Marketing Genesis) have become a bunch of fascists, more interested in looking good than building a great product, and we all have suffered.

    We are now migrating a 7-figure funnel to another provider. I don't take well to being censored.

    • SB

      Stephan Becker

      almost 3 years ago #

      Jonathan - what provider have you analyzed to replace WebinarJam and which one have you chosen in the end? (Wow I was close to signing up with these guys!)

  • TF

    Timothy Fong

    over 3 years ago #

    When I tried demio it didn't allow evergreen webinars that you can schedule. It just allowed a replay at anytime.

    I am looking for a way the visitor schedules an actual replay and at that time he webinar is available.

    It should display the next four available slots. Webinar ninja for displays all the slots. So if you automated 20 or would list all 20.

    Which can truly be ever Green Day every day but just display there next two or four days and times?

  • RH

    Ralph Hughes

    over 3 years ago #

    We spent two months trying to get EverWebinar to work. It has all the auto webinar features we were looking for and great tech support.
    Unfortunately, their video codex cannot convert to anything above 720p, so all our webinar materials came out looking like mud.
    They expressed zero interest in fixing this glaring problem. In fact they told me to switch to WebEx.
    Could not believe how callous they were, given all the time I invested with them.
    Take my advice and don't even get started with them.

    • PG

      Permaculture Gardens

      over 2 years ago #

      I agree! We tried configuring EverWebinar for two months as well and their tech support is so difficult to reach. You end up with a super long email thread that has been passed to several different people who just ask you questions over and over again. Plus their integration did not work well with our email service provider Convertkit and the people who did sign up would see that the time for their webinar was in the past.

  • HF

    Hailey Friedman

    over 3 years ago #

    I'm obsessed with automated webinars-- and EverWebinar is by far my favorite.

    There are few things more powerful than a webinar when it comes to converting customers, and few things more passive than an evergreen webinar.

    I wrote a whole article about why I love it and how to use it: https://www.growthmarketingpro.com/how-to-create-a-webinar/

    And how it compares to other platforms: https://www.growthmarketingpro.com/everwebinar-review-using-evergreen-webinars/

  • AH

    Antoine Howard

    almost 3 years ago #

    Nick, I would be interested in that funnel also.

  • Hải Đinh Văn

    about 2 years ago #

    How does webinarninja also feature the "Chat" section to interact with speakers like webinar Jam?

  • JR

    Josh Rhodes

    over 4 years ago #

    Niklas, Stealth Seminar has the greatest customer care on the planet and will basically set up the entire funnel for you per your instruction. Also, don't be thrown off by what seems to be a primitive UI. They can customize the design interface to mirror any landing pages you want. Another DIY option is to use Clickfunnels and use their Auto Webinar funnel(I have a copy of it I can share to you if you have a CF account). Just let me know.

    • TF

      Timothy Fong

      over 3 years ago #

      I looked at the stealth seminar it's hard to tell what features they have. Do they have the ability to automate the dates and times

  • JL

    Jesús Lucas

    over 4 years ago #

    Hi Niklas! I can recommend you Webinarjam (Direct link: https://www.webinarjam.com/welcome/?hop=jelukas89). Used by many top online marketers and growth hackers like Neil Patel. Pricing: $397/year. I hope that help you.

  • DM

    David Morales

    over 4 years ago #

    Hey Niklas! I have been using https://www.webex.com/ and it works great for me you can share video, screen, whiteboard, also you can record the webinar and at the end the link will be sent to the participants if they want to catch up with something. You can join from a mobile phone, computer, smart phone. Much Success!

  • LJ

    Lucas Johnson

    over 3 years ago #

    Hey Niklas,

    Demio has a cool "Like Live Replay" feature that allows you to turn a past webinar into an evergreen webinar, allowing you to run automated webinars for as long as you want. It's also extremely cost effective!

    I'm their Director of Marketing - let me know if you have any questions about it! :)

  • CZ

    Casey Zeman

    over 3 years ago #

    Hi there. If you have any questions about EasyWebinar and how it works, just let us know on the home page of EasyWebinar.com ...PLEASE NOTE: EasyWebinar is not Everwebinar. EasyWebinar is a all in one solution that does both live and automated webinars.

    There are a couple of articles that might help when making a decision. These are super detailed FAQ articles that show differences between EasyWebinar and other tools along with strategies for running successful automated webinars (and live webinars).




    Hope this helps!

  • GS

    Gyorfi Szilard

    over 3 years ago #

    WebinarJam is NOT the best live webinar software. I switched to ZOOM.us after webinarjam kept on crashing and creating all kinds of errors on my live webinrs since they were using the google/youtube platform. Yes, WebinarJam has the best marketing, but not the best product.

    So for live webinars go with Zoom, it is stable and none of my live webinars crash.

    For automated webinars, I'm using Evergreenwebinar, it sort of works, but there are times when the video is not playing properly. I have not found a better one that also plays the webinar (almost) properly on mobile.

  • YW

    Yardley Wang

    about 3 years ago #

    Hmmmm.... have to give everyone a heads up... You don't know what you don't know...

    I started with Evergreen Business systems a long time ago... one fee, lifetime subscription... however, years later they discontinued it and shut it down and moved over to webinar jam. Then, I had to sign up again with a discounted special of $297 for lifetime access to webinar jam and everwebinar.

    A short time later, they moved over to a NEW platform for both, and had me migrate all my stuff over to the new platform. Low and behold, within 1 month, everwebinar was turned off with all of my evergreen webinars and they are forcing me to ante up $297/yearly to use it. I still have access to webinarjam live, but this is ridiculous!!! SO disappointing! I sent an email and request out to see what they plan on doing about it, but they are horrible in the time response.

  • CC

    carolyn Cavil

    over 2 years ago #

    I also use EverWebinar is the most complet software !

  • KS

    Karma Senge

    over 2 years ago #

    Only use WebinarJam and EverWebinar if you want to LOSE Money. I can't tell you how many thousands of dollars I had lost due to them not working properly. And the support is horrible. They just don't care about you as a customer.

    I also used Demio Automated and live webinars too. Demio is great for live stuff. But their automated webinars are SEVERELY lacking. (although it is fairly new).

    I currently use Zoom for Live stuff and WebinarNinja for automated.

    • JB

      Jenny Eden Berk

      about 2 years ago #

      I have webinar ninja too but I'm a bit miffed that you can only do automated once a day and not several times a day.

    • RS

      Radhe Shyam

      almost 2 years ago #

      How would you rate Demio for automated webinars now? I am just starting out and I would prefer a single solution for live as well as automated webinars.
      Also, can the auto webinars play as many times as I want every day?

  • JS

    Jack Schechter

    about 2 years ago #

    Boy you've come a log way from your first version, the WordPress plugin!! Way to go!

  • DP

    Derek Pierce

    about 1 year ago #

    I've tested just about every platform on the market and I believe Everwebinar is the best solution on the market to date. With a little bit of customization on the optin page, we're very happy with it.

    Our 2nd favorite is Stealth Seminar - the only thing we didn't like about Stealth was not having as much ability to customize the webinars but the cool thing is their support is top notch and does it all for you.

    I wrote a tutorial on Everwebinar some time ago here https://thinktanklab.com/the-uncensored-everwebinar-review-plus-bonus/

    What most don't realize is you can tap into their API to make the optin a lot more customizable without all of the information they ask for on their hosted forms.

  • EM

    Erkki Muuga

    9 months ago #

    I've personally tested nearly all the webinar platforms out there. I'm surprised nobody has mentioned BigMarker.
    In my experience it has the best automated webinar features. Super easy to set up automated webinar sequences.

    They have live webinars on the same platform as well.
    You can schedule polls and call-to-action that would trigger during the webinar.
    Admittedly, BigMarker is a bit expensive.

    Check out my full BigMarker review here (video review included):

    For a cheaper webinar software, check out my top 5 (pros & cons list inside):

  • KO

    Kinga Odziemek

    5 months ago #

    Hey, I'd suggest checking LiveWebinar.com. I've switched to it from Zoom/Teams and it's just fantastic. Its built-in features are class - in the past, I had to use a lot of external tools and now I have it all in one panel. Over 50 webinar room features, including whiteboards, breakout rooms, chat boxes, polls and tests, screen sharing, and more, are at our disposal. Couldn't recommend it enough.

  • VL

    Vanessa Leota

    over 4 years ago #

    WebinarJam is your best bet for an automated webinar software