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I was wondering what touch points people have found work well with activation, retention, referrals and conversion.

A common few I always include in a drip campaign:

- A personal welcome email (typically within the first 48 hours) > Usually from the founder or someone high up and always offering a contact method (personal email or phone number)

- A case study to back your unique selling proposition (within the first 10 days) > I try to tie a ROI or something to the case study to make it have a wow factor

- Free trial / soft sell email (between 1 week and 3 weeks after signup) > Offer of a trial or a request for a call to discuss how we can work well with the customer

- 1 Month check in (30 days after signup) > Just a request for feedback or to see if there are questions, early stage I use this for customer development too

- 3 Month check in (90 days after signup) > Another check in and this doubles as a retention email


  • JS

    Javier Sardá

    over 5 years ago #

    The unsubscribe email.

    This example from Urban Outfitters (via Hubspot) is hilarius. I wonder how many people change their mind and remain subscribed after they receive it - http://tinyurl.com/n9a8css

  • JD

    Jimmy Daly

    over 5 years ago #

    We send a "hail mary" email as well to people who let their free trial lapse.

  • TM

    Tony Mariotti

    over 5 years ago #

    I can speak directly to the "referrals" part of your question. When we envisioned Friendbuy's referral platform, we began with a premise that sharing and referrals should take place on any digital surface (homepage, order confirmation page, etc.) We tackled that premise by creating widgets that could be embedded in a page or triggered as an overlay. Making a referral program visible, in many locations, is really key to driving performance. Believe it or now, most referral activity happens well before a user becomes a customer.

    So let's get down - specifically - on trigger emails...since that's the focus of your question.

    We've observed that the highest performing referral widget placement is typically the order confirmation page (~25% sharing rate). While the sharing rate is high, your order confirmation page happens to sit at the very end of your funnel (only 3 to 5% of users get there for a typical ecommerce store or SaaS app). Thus your sharing volume is low. To say that again, sharing rate is high, sharing volume is low...

    However, you can still capture value by sending a trigger email post purchase (+1 hour or so) that includes a users referral code and/or a personal link to share with friends. Remember, 25% sharing rate it pretty high but that still means 75% of buyers did not share. Which is why there's still some room for incremental gains by sending out a time delayed email that encourages a customer to refer friends.

    Furthermore, you can set a sequence (drip) campaign that reminds folks of your referral offer. Most companies set it for once per quarter. I've seen aggressive marketers set the interval for once per 2x weeks.

    Lastly, all of your regular email communications (stand alone blasts, newsletters, etc.) should include at least some real estate in your template that calls attention to your referral program.

  • CB

    Charlie Benkendorf

    over 5 years ago #

    lean stack sends an email asking user if they read his book. Then sends them customized content based on that. Nir Eyal also asked a question for his book launch.

    First, I'd like to know how much prior knowledge you're coming in with as Lean Canvas is heavily built upon the Running Lean methodology.


    QUESTION: Have you previously read my book: "Running Lean"?

    Please click only one response:

    1. CLICK HERE to answer YES

    2. CLICK HERE to answer NO


    What happens next?

    Based on your answer to the question above, I will send you the next "right action" to keep you moving forward.

  • CB

    Charlie Benkendorf

    over 5 years ago #

    Also mention posted a great presentation on growth hackers the other day on their drip campaign. They use nps to guide next steps

    • LW

      Liston Witherill

      over 5 years ago #

      "They use NPS to guide next steps." Can you elaborate on that, Charlie? Are you suggesting that user-reported likelihood of recommendation will trigger a specific sequences (i.e. low rating triggers a "what can we do better" sequence and high rating triggers a referral sequence)?


      • CB

        Charlie Benkendorf

        about 5 years ago #

        hey just saw this - yup that's exactly right. for example, i gave them a 6 or something, and I got an automated email from CEO thanking me for honest feedback, and asking for any more feedback. in their prez, they lay out a different flow if you rate above an 8.

  • JD

    Justin Dennis

    over 5 years ago #

    Some of our most successful emails/in-app messages are based on users sessions and action rather than a timeline. Also, RFM (customer value) is ecommerce logic that is not often seen in enterprise software marketing, this can be very helpful to increase upgrades or freemium conversions.
    Intercom has a helpful outline http://docs.intercom.io/Intercom-for-customer-communication/what-messages-should-i-send