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After several months of being part of this amazing community I would love to see some numbers from this site:

How many had signed up?
How many visitors a month?
How many threads opened?
What did worked to growth? What didn't?
Which is the main source of traffic?
Any plan of monetization planned for future?

I would love to read about the staff of this site too.

I didn't found any topic about this, point me to it if I missed.


  • SE

    Sean Ellis

    almost 5 years ago #

    We’re probably not quite ready to disclose the exact stats for GrowthHackers.com, but I’ll share some of the details. Here is a link to the weekly unique visitor numbers starting in late September 2013 through September 20th, 2014 https://www.evernote.com/shard/s41/sh/e95fa0b2-4cda-4408-9ff8-15d4c83185e4/6a88671e2fb0af91d91c866b523ca717 .

    In a community traction is the hardest part. We worked very hard in the beginning to establish traction. Traction is a bit abstract, but basically what we wanted was fresh, high quality content on the site every day with high quality discussions around the content. We made great progress through October but started to see a slow down around the USA Thanksgiving Holiday in late November as we all backed off to spend time with family. To avoid a similar slowdown during the December holidays, the team worked really hard through the holidays. I personally was in Hawaii for a family vacation and spent several hours on the site every day the entire vacation. Once we got traction, we all refocused on our core Qualaroo business for a couple of months, but fortunately GrowthHackers was able to sustain itself.

    In spring we redoubled efforts and saw consistent monthly growth from March through July. Our big spike in July was a fluke - a spammer actually posted a bit torrent link to a Korean TV show that was indexed by Google. So for a couple weeks we got a bunch of unqualified visits.

    After a summer slowdown, growth is rolling again, and we should see about a 20% increase in uniques in September over August. Our top referrers are Twitter, Direct and Google in that order. About 65% of our monthly visitors are returning visitors, so retention has been pretty strong.

    Monetization will be important for us going forward. Our main source of revenue today is Qualaroo, though we recently started charging for job listings on GrowthHackers. Our goal is to help growth oriented marketers become more effective at driving growth. Up to this point, it has mostly happened through inspiring great growth ideas and insights for improving growth processes. But we have lots of ideas for helping to improve the performance of growth hackers and if we are successful with that, I’m confident strong monetization opportunities will follow.

    • FF

      Fabricio Ferrero

      almost 5 years ago #

      @sean You made me remind on of my teacher that used to said "Don't you ever leave a chart naked" :)

      Jokes apart, despite the fact you didn't shared the actual numbers I have to admit that you made my day with this very detailed reply. It was more than I expected to receive. And of course, it's very nice to see that numbers are going up and up.

      Thank you very much to share the backstage of your life running this, it is so good to see that there is people behind all this.

      I commented in one of the topics some of you opened to have feedback about GH and I have to tell it again here: There is no way to gain authority and that made us don't want to invest more time in this site. It's a Reddit for me. I just click a link and leave. (Yes, I made some comments and read them too. The comment section has a lot of value too.) Still, I think you could push us to comment more and more with a simple modification. Show the amount of up-votes our comments had in total just at the top of our profile picture, like a notification (Facebook for example).

      Back to numbers, congratulation about retention and the increase in uniques, that's awesome! Thanks for sharing this with us.

      Good luck to all the team of GH and Qualaroo!!


  • ET

    Everette Taylor

    almost 5 years ago #

    @Sean pretty much covered everything, but here's some links that you may find helpful @fabricio

    Ask GH: What is the story of GrowthHackers.com, how did it get started and find early success?

    Hacking Into GrowthHackers.com

    Postcast Interview With Sean Ellis: Why We Decided to Start GrowthHackers.com, Finding Unique Growth Channels, Etc.

    • FF

      Fabricio Ferrero

      almost 5 years ago #

      Hi @everette , thanks for leaving your comment too!

      I was not aware of that third link, I'll hear it tonight. I think it would be nice to include some of this topics in the About section due to are FAQ.

      Also, @sean make @everette pay you a coffee in my honor. He is violating the community's TOS :P LinkedIn link missing! :)

  • DL

    Dylan La Com

    almost 5 years ago #

    @sean and @everette's answers are great. @jsmith and I work on product and engineering here. Happy to answer any growth questions related to product/engineering!

    • FF

      Fabricio Ferrero

      almost 5 years ago #

      @dylan while I'm not a programmer, thanks for pronouncing here. You've just read my thought up there so that's my opinion on what to do to make the community even better.

      Thank you for your hard work here, it's an awesome site!

      • JS

        Jared Smith

        almost 5 years ago #

        As for being able to see more of the team, we are in development on a couple ideas to make our team a little more visible and share more insights into how we do things.

        The point system is on a long list of todos, which is more than a mile long these days. Keep your eyes peeled we will be releasing many new features to the site in the coming months.

  • JB

    Joseph Bentzel

    almost 5 years ago #

    Fabricio: How about adding member poetry as a new metric?


    You know it's hard out here hackin' growth
    But we all know this community is dope
    And the members for sure are the bomb
    They're so smart that they could even wow my mom.

    You know it's hard hackin' network effects
    Part technology part magic and part hex
    But the crew here's young blood and OG
    And don't forget the membership is free

    You know it's hard mastering all this stuff
    But it beats those days when marketing was fluff
    Come on board now and please share your tale
    That's the way Growthhackers dot com gonna scale.


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