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A lot of marketers at later-stage companies seem to use social media as a customer engagement channel. For those of you working at early-stage startups and using social media as a growth mechanism, what "growth hacks" have you successfully implemented?

  • BD

    Brad Dubs

    almost 7 years ago #

    @ivankirigin's Dropbox tweet (http://blog.kirigin.com/58K-retweets) is one of my favorites because it's really just smart marketing at it's core. The "hack" of writing scripts to pull retweets via Twitter's API to choose a winner is also really clever and a great example of the growth-hacker mindset at work.

    In the earlier days of Causes, we took advantage of the tight integration between our Facebook app and web app. Every time a person joined a cause, they simultaneously liked the Facebook community page that our Facebook app had automatically created for that cause. Facebook ended up blocking that integration for obvious reasons, but we ended up with several cause-specific audiences that allowed us to better tailor the content we were pushing out and drive traffic back to petitions, pledges, and fundraisers that supported that cause (versus having to push out a gay rights post right after a gun rights post on our main Facebook page).