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I'm working on a new education services product for a b2b software company. The point is to buy 3k of training subscription for a year on software that costs 50k+ a year. I have 10 customers want to get to 100 asap. Very low traffic on website, and limited analytics. Lots of customer demographic data. Looking for growth hacks to target, promote, and close more deals in b2b with inside sales as the primary channel.

  • MK

    Matthew Kremer

    over 6 years ago #

    Hey Tim,

    I did B2B in the healthcare space with a product that we had to "teach people they needed" before selling.

    We did two primary things that helped us in growing. The first was that we got our current customers to provide actual testimonials and white papers on how they used the tool. This allowed hospitals to make a better decision on their purchase because they had background information from hospitals that they had heard of. Sometimes (with customer permission) we'd even allow prospects to call our customers and discuss the product with them directly, with out us even on the phone.

    Along the same lines, the second thing we did was to get a "board." And I don't mean a board as in people that run your company, but a board of industry experts that could help us not only make the product better, but they would also help by spreading the word to people in their circles.

    Use your current clients to get more, and try to establish connections with experts that are already known for using the $50K software. If there are people that are experts in using this tool, perhaps get them to "sponsor" content by providing you with something that they think needs training. Ask them the hurdles that they faced when they first started using the tool, then turn that into part of your training, and they will then turn clients over to you if someone asks them "how do you do X?"

    A great example of this is when Nathan Barry (Authority eBook) referred people to Chris Coyier's CSS-Tricks. Even though Nathan knew a lot about CSS, it was easier to forward people over to Chris. Generating this traffic from experts could possibly help you out.

    Sorry if that was a long ramble! Hope there were some tidbits you could use.

  • AM

    Adam Miller

    over 6 years ago #

    Hi Tim, for starters, I would recommend checking out the below links from Morgan Brown. He's put together some great B2B growth case studies from Upworthy and Hubspot.




    • TS

      tim stutt

      over 6 years ago #

      Thanks Adam! That grader tool is nice. I'd look into a similar application.