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  • JS

    Julia Sun

    almost 6 years ago #

    @bbalfour : I heard you speak at #500Distro last week, great presentation. I've been reviewing the various mobile analytics platforms on the market that can track attribution across paid, organic, and social. I've narrowed it down to Appsflyer because 1. They are Facebook + Twitter PMDs and 2. They operate solely as an analytics platform vs. all the other who are also in the ad business. Another attribution method that has been introduced internally on my end is storing the data internally and running our own queries. In my research I haven't come across this option but I imagine it may not be the best way to get things off the ground as it would still require the implementation of SDKs per source, although I've been told that Segment.io can mitigate this issue but I haven't quite wrapped my head around how this is possible.

    @andrewthompson We're also using MixPanel but I don't think it can measure post install retention + LTV across organic-paid-social. I can certainly be wrong.

    Would love to hear about everyone's experience + knowledge surrounding this topic.

  • AT

    Andrew Thompson

    over 6 years ago #

    I use Mixpanel across platforms: Android and iOS Apps as well as a desktop website with adaptive design (i.e. regular and mobile web). It's a great product and I highly recommend it.

    All events are named the same across platforms so I can correlate user actions. Most properties are also named the same except for device specific ones included by the Mixpanel libraries automatically (which is a good thing).

    • BB

      Brian Balfour

      over 6 years ago #

      Thanks. Are you using anything like MAT, Tapstream, etc for mobile attribution?

      As far as I understand so far if you want source data from things like paid acquisition campaigns you need to use MAT and dump that into MixPanel using custom postbacks.

      Bonus question, have you tried any of the mobile a/b testing platforms like Leanplum, Splyt, etc?

      • AT

        Andrew Thompson

        over 6 years ago #

        Here's Mixpanel's recommendation for mobile attribution on Android and iOS: http://blog.mixpanel.com/2012/04/25/making-your-ad-network-accountable/

        Android is pretty easy to hookup using the 'referrer' query string parameter where you can include your own utms.

        iOS is of course much more difficult and requires a MAT and the data does need to be dumped into Mixpanel after the fact (so quite a bit more work).

        Bonus question: Unfortunately I haven't but they look really interesting. Although I wouldn't recommend this approach I have in the past randomly select one of two options, rendering it and fired the appropriate Mixpanel super property so that all successive events are tagged with either option A or option B. Mixpanel reporting then allows me to segment based on the options and determine which option was best (pretty standard stuff).