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I'm a huge fan of Intercom's previous article on the topic: http://blog.intercom.io/5-mistakes-we-all-make-with-product-feedback/ with the 5 points:

1. Stop talking to "all users"
2. Feedback should be ongoing
3. Distinguish free from paying feedback
4. Don't fall for the vocal minority
5. Don't assume users request the right feature

I've been brainstorming a blog post that expands on these ideas and explores other mistakes.

a) The art of questioning - avoiding interviewer bias and phrasing questions the right way and maintain neutrality
b) Knowing when to ask users explicitly for feedback vs observing
c) Failing to turn feedback into small, actionable 'mvp' product updates
d) Focusing too much on the detractors, glossing over those who love you because they're already satisfied
e) Taking feedback at face-value. Does a piece of feedback always warrant a new feature? Or is there an available solution now?

Would love to get GH's perspective here!

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