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Our problem is with user acquisition.

Need help to implement best strategies as a startup having limited financial resources ...

  • JJ

    Jaikishan Jalan

    almost 5 years ago #

    Have you identified and prioritized your target customers? Essentially who is most interested or rely on local news. It's easy to say everyone but try to find a smaller group of folks who are most interested and RELY on them. They should become your early adopters who should drive the adoption.

    Some generic thoughts:

    1. Publish those news outside your app - Facebook page and on twitter and tag them with appropriate hash tags. To read the news in detail, take them to your website page, let them read the news and then prompt to download your app.

    2. Publish the news them to relevant city groups on Facebook. Follow the similar approach as described above. Don't prompt to download at first go.

    3. Go to events and meetups a LOT. Make them "part of your events" feed. Spread the word. As they say, you have to handhold early customers.

    4. Figure out who reads local news paper today a LOT. Now figure out how do they spend time on digital channels.