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Can you please share your best practices, case studies, strategies, tactics on the topic of how you found and stole the (potential) customers of your competitors?

  • SL

    Saxtine Leader

    over 5 years ago #

    We have "won" customers from our competitors on several occasions (and on a few occasions the reverse has happened).

    1. Try to figure out when the contract ends with your competitor. You can do this several ways. Your account rep can dig by asking questions or keep track of your competitors press releases. If they announce a new customer you know more or less when the maturity date will be on their contract (assuming a 1 year agreement)

    2. Strategize on a winning plan. Do you best to know and understand your competitors deficiencies and attack them. Show ROI and commitment to your prospect.

    3. Travel. Going to see prospects goes a long way to make inroads on winning a customer.

    4. Fit. Not every customer is a fit for you and your business. Sometimes, especially if the customer is demanding, you're better off not dealing with them. If their vision doesn't align with yours then maybe it's okay to stop pursuing them.

    5. Staff departures. If you understand who the champion is for the service you are selling and they leave the customers company, their replacement may have a different approach/vision. This may be an opportunity for you to jump in a get noticed.

    6. Find who else in the customers organization uses your product (e.g. the boss of the product champion, users). Send them newsletters, etc..

    I hope that helps.

    • AB

      Alexander Beletsky

      over 5 years ago #

      That's nice opinion!

      Do you also consider a technique of monitoring competitors social media and try to get customers from there? It seems to be nice practice, isn't it?