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Howdy Growth Hackers!

So, we've been experimenting with Medium.com and like many, we've been constantly debating if we should move our blog to medium. We've been lucky to find some great articles that pointed out a lot of pros and cons. But somehow I haven't been able to find anything that would talk about your medium articles being shown on Google's search results. Nor have I seen any results like that myself when I search on Google. I understand that medium.com allows us to add only 3 tags and nothing more.

So my question is, medium articles aren't indexed by google and they aren't searchable? If yes, it would be super helpful if you can share your thoughts on how this can be done.

EDIT: I am hoping to see articles come up even if we didn't use "Medium" as a keyword while searching on Google.

  • DD

    Donna Duncan

    over 5 years ago #

    Hi Vikash,

    I agree with Benjamin in that Medium articles are indexed. A site:medium.com search suggests google has ~680,000 articles indexed on the site.

    Why don't the rank highest when you do a search? For the same reasons any other site might not rank highly as expected.

    Google admits to using over 200 factors when deciding who to rank on top, relevance being key. Obviously every search is going to produce different results and have a different explanation for why the results rank as they do. At a high level though, it's highly likely there are sites specifically dedicated to the topics you are searching for that are considered more authoritative and powerful than Medium itself.

    Here's an excellent (and short!) video that explains how Google works. Google is the source.


    Here's a post I wrote that explains SEO - a 30,000 foot view for non-techies.


  • BB

    Benjamin Brandall

    almost 6 years ago #

    I Googled some generic search terms + medium, and I found articles indexed there. (terms: 'medium blog how to run a business', 'medium blog the first time i).

    Is this what you meant, because it seems like they're indexed like everything else.

    • VK

      Vikash Koushik

      almost 6 years ago #

      Hey @benjbrandall, I was actually hoping to see articles come up even if we didn't use "Medium" as a keyword. I'm sorry, I should've made this clear in my question.

      • BB

        Benjamin Brandall

        almost 6 years ago #

        Maybe it doesn't rank as fantastically as possible (I don't seem to see loads of Medium articles as I search for content), but Googling 'rules for first time investors', a Medium article is the first thing that comes up.

        Did you hear somewhere that Medium articles don't rank?

        • VK

          Vikash Koushik

          almost 6 years ago #

          Wow! Didn't know about that. I wonder why not many medium articles don't show up on google search results.

          • BB

            Benjamin Brandall

            almost 6 years ago #

            You've intrigued me here. I got to reading this: https://blog.kissmetrics.com/marketers-guide-to-medium/ and saw a comment at the bottom reading:

            Some good food for thought.

            I was intrigued by the example of The Fader, who post excerpts of their posts on Medium and then a CTA to read the rest of the article on their blog.

            I googled some of their posts, and their Medium posts normally rank above the original posts on their blog.

            Before I invest time in this the key question that needs to be answered in my mind is:

            is the number of people who then click through from a good CTA at the end of the excerpt higher than the number of interested and engaged readers you lost from having your post duplicate filtered out, or bumped down in the SERPs?

            As Medium probably has more brand power than most blogs, your posts there might gain some ranking, but are the numbers worth it? Does anybody have any data on this?


            ... No replies. The mystery continues.

            • TH

              Terri Harel

              over 5 years ago #

              Hi @vikashkoushik! From my understanding, Medium shouldn't replace your company blog or be used for SEO power. Overall, Medium is a great platform to expand your audience, increase brand awareness, establish thought leadership, or connect with others in your field.

              • VK

                Vikash Koushik

                over 5 years ago #

                Hi @terriharel! Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this. Could you share with us on why you think so? It might help us even more to understand this better.
                PS. So sorry for the delayed response.

  • TM

    Tom M.

    over 5 years ago #

    I've blogged on both my own site and Medium. I have better results on Medium because more engaged readers end up being driven to my content. Not that I didn't have a bunch of traffic on some of my blog posts, but I feel that search accounted for less and less quality visitors (higher bounce rate).

    I'd be willing to argue that while SEO drives traffic to your site with content, Medium drives engagement to your content.

    They send out e-mails featuring stories (gold). They link other stories at the end of stories. People use Google for a variety of reasons and so you really don't know why someone is coming to your site. You know exactly why people are going to Medium. To read.

    From what I've experienced, my best articles on Medium have the most referral traffic (looking at Medium's stats -- which are desperately in need of more details) from e-mail, Twitter and Reddit and other sources. Google is rarely at the top of the list.

    I'm thankful for SEO, but I think I'm just relying less and less upon it.

  • HV

    Hrishi Vardhan

    about 5 years ago #

    If you import the story into medium blog, your content is considered duplicate by some webmaster tools. We import stories to medium blog from our official website. When I analyze by website on webmaster tool, it suggest to remove duplicate content from medium. Though it mentions the original url of the article, but some search engines are not taking this as a unique creations.

    When I post a fresh content to medium, it gain more traffics and views. So, the conclusion is if your article is fresh and you do share in medium it will work fine, but if you are importing from other website it will not work up to the mark.

    This is my personal opinion, has anybody notice the same?

  • SV

    Srinivas Vedantam

    over 4 years ago #

    Good question. I ran an experiment and found that Medium articles do rank. To validate this I used http://isearchfrom.com/ so I get non personalised results.

    I used a search phrase 15+tools+to+create+websites+by+yourself and saw that this link https://medium.com/product-hunt/15-tools-that-will-help-you-build-your-website-no-coding-required-33e9e51a2df6#.2t3k62x9z showed in the second place in the Organic results.

    My feeling is Medium is as good as any other platform to promote your content. Unless there is proof that posting on your own blog and on Medium at the same time is going to be problematic (despite canonicalizing) one should do it.