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Have heard of companies have spending hundreds of thousands, or even millions, on securing custom gTLD's. Can you see them being used in highly complimentary ways (i.e. in conjunction with their existing primary domain) or potentially replacing their primary domain one day?

  • BK

    Brett K

    about 5 years ago #

    I see them more and more being adopted by larger brands. Acura.cars for instance, is an easy to remember. Right now as they are new, it will likely be confusing to some of gen-pop, but I see the tides changing and fell we will keep seeing them more as common place. It will probably take big brand adoption in order for it to catch on. Brands like Amazon / Apple have applied and may have been approved for .amazon / .apple, these giants will keep them private and use them for an unlimited amount of easy to remember marketing / branding initiatives.

    I might add, that from what my experience, they offer the best in exact match domains and work quite well in SEO. Giving an opportunity in an otherwise over-saturated domain availability market.