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I've done it once and from the 40% that did not open the 1st email, got 37% open rate with the resent email, and a 30% CTR and only 4 unsubs (out of 206 opens).
Was thinking of trying it again. What do you think? Is this a dump thing to do?

  • MB

    Morgan Brown

    about 5 years ago #

    Hey @zvitez we do this occasionally for webinars and other campaigns. It seems to work well but we try to balance it out against burning out our list.

    • ZV

      Zoran Vitez

      about 5 years ago #

      Hey @morgan, thanks. Yeah that's what I'm wondering: how to balance so as not to piss off those that actually notice the email but don't want to open it and still reach those that simply missed the email.
      Encouraging to see it's not a dump idea though so thanks!