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  • LT

    Lee Traupel

    almost 7 years ago #

    Yes, LinkedIn is a stellar platform for B2B brands and execs focusing on other businesses. Having said that, I have not worked for/with B2C brands (biz profiles), so can't comment on ROI.

    30K Foot Recommendations

    **Upgrade to Premium if you are serious about LinkedIn.
    ***Join Groups where you aren't preaching to the choir (your own industry). If you join a Group be sure and message the admin with a ping.
    **Publish on the Platform (everyone can do this now)
    **Be social on LinkedIn like any channel.
    **Map out your ROI for the platform and connect your account with Google.
    **Profile Completion is a must and use Linkedin's completion graph to optimize (image, well written bio, recommendations made for others & your own profile, education, charities, etc.) and change your profile once or twice a month to "tweak" LinkedIn's algorithm (I can't A/B this out though).
    **Comment on others posts and share great content (it's a social platform again)
    *Publish your content to Groups not just your profile.
    **Ads work well again for B2B brands: we see a clickthrough cost of $2-4; but, results will vary dramatically like any platform with ad, goals & ROI metric, type of Ad, etc.
    **I experience about 2-3 profile views per day and these seem to vary widely. But, LinkedIn traffic is high engaged, has low bounce rates and converts well based on our GA results.
    **Authenticity and pay it forward work well here too.

    In eight plus years on this platform I have not seen the "stellar ROi" that some LInkedIn "experts" talk about; not to offset what many say but "fame & fortune" take time to build on this platform like any other IMHO.

  • VC

    Victoria Casal-Data

    almost 7 years ago #

    I feel like the best way to drive traffic is by writing an article on the linkedin platform. I recently wrote one myself and its been super successful- I've gotten tons of views and followers on my linkedin page. Many of the readers were compelled to visit my personal website as well. Here the article, when you open it you can see the amount of views and shares it got.


  • BK

    Brian Knapp

    almost 7 years ago #

    I didn't realize you could post content directly on LinkedIn. I don't think it would be wise to base a whole content strategy around it, but treating it like a Guest Post opportunity could be really clever, esp if you have a good call to action and link to a specific landing page.

    I'll have to add this to my todo list of things to try.

  • KG

    Kim Graves

    almost 7 years ago #

    I've found LinkedIn Ads to be very effective in bringing quality customers to a B2B website, however it's more expensive and not as scalable as other ad platforms like Facebook. I've also tried engaging in LinkedIn groups to drive traffic but I found that I didn't get enough traffic to make it worth my time.

  • SH

    Seb Hardman

    over 4 years ago #

    We're a growth agency and we have found that by posting growth-related content to our personal LinkedIn accounts we are able to engage our existing connections as well as find new connections on LinkedIn. Having a stead stream of new insightful content being distributed to potential customers through LinkedIn is a great way to generate some inbound leads.

  • JB

    Justina Bakutyte

    over 1 year ago #

    Absolutely! We haven't engaged in LinkedIn Ads yet because it's quite a pricy platform and from what I know you have to invest at least $5,000 to get enough data to optimize your campaigns. But we've been engaging organically and motivating our staff to do the same: comment, post, share, etc. The engagement on their posts is on average 6 times higher than on those posted from a company page.

    We've detailed more of these tried-and-tested tactics in a blog post if you're curious: https://growthhackers.com/articles/how-to-generate-leads-on-linkedin-82414a9a-258c-4447-8b4f-5c63269bdc37