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I came across an interview from Simon Sinek, where he stated,

"There is no single human being on the planet that ever achieved any great level of success or of value by themselves. Success is a team sport. Failure, we can do alone, but success takes the help of others."

As I thought about this, I realized that my journey as an entrepreneur has felt very isolated. At the same time, I'm always looking out for the right opportunities to expand my business.

So I decided to create a site to help entrepreneurs connect with influential entrepreneurs so they can rapidly grow their businesses by partnering them together. This could be for just one project or even a whole business.

I have a ton of people I'd love to interview, and already have Jayson Gaignard of MastermindTalks.com and Sujan Patel of ContentMarketer.io lined up.

I'm curious to hear from you:
1. Who would you want to work with?
2. What have you always wanted to ask them?