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A part of my job is to create engagement around a brand and its website, and it is a big challenge for me because the product isn't released yet, so I must create engagement around a sign up form, to make the subscribers grow. I would like to have your advice and optionally some tips about how to do it? I manage Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, GooglePlus and a blog hosted on Tumblr.

  • JB

    Joseph Bentzel

    over 4 years ago #

    Launching a product and "launching a vision" are two different things. You can play the 'reserve your spot' now scarcity marketing approach popular with many online growth practitioners trying to create their list for a product not yet ready for launch. Pre-promote the product value prop and features is how that usually plays out.

    Or you can can think bigger and identify all the incumbent ecosystems your future product will either 'disrupt' or advantage in some way, and iteratively target a 'stay tuned for the next big thing' cluster of messaging into their segments to drive signup on your form. For example, the folks that have been the 'left behinds' in the public cloud space, like HP, Cisco, Dell (and everybody NOT AWS, MS Azure, & Google Cloud) have now all pivoted to the 'hybrid cloud' or 'cloud broker' narrative. They face the same marketing challenge you do. These are not 'products' either but evangelism for an intangible value prop of an enterprise cloud at some future state.

    Personally, I pay attention to multiple types of community models, including open source sw communities, branded communities, support communities, sharing communities, etc. Lots of best practices in pre-product growth to pay attention to. Good luck.

  • KK

    Kev Kaye

    over 4 years ago #

    Hi Gregory, props for building a community before the product is done. Sounds like you're gearing up for a quick start once it's ready. Very smart.

    I have a few different options I can share, but first, what type of product will it be? Platform? Saas? App? Something else?

    I know some of the details may be sensitive, but a little more info will help me give you as relevant an answer as possible.

    Talk soon!