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Hey Guys,

Yesterday we had a webinar and only 20% people showed up. We are observing the trend since last couple of webinars and are looking for solution to improve upon.

One thing we came up was to have "Add to calendar" option in the confirmation & reminder emails.

I would like to know what you do to get high turn up ratio during the webinar.

Thank you in advance.

  • HK

    Hristian Kambourov

    over 4 years ago #

    Hey Boni,

    First of all why do you think 20% is a low attendance rate? You've mentioned a trend. Was the rate much higher before?

    Second, how do you attract your webinar subscribers? If you want a higher attendance rate you need to better qualify your attendees.

    However here are a few tips you might be able to use (depending on what software you use for the actual webinar)

    1. Reminder emails - Send a reminder email(s) 24h before and 1h before the webinar.
    2. Incentive - offer something in return for attending if your subscribers stay till the end
    3. Webinar Time/Date - Test different start times and also weekdays/ weekends/ after work hours etc.
    4. Ask - You should also survey the people who signed up but didn't attend. Try to see if there is a common tread between their answers.
    5. Recording - Send a recording to all subscribers (no shows included). Sometime stuff comes up and it is always good to have an option to watch a webinar at your own convenience.

    Best of luck

    • BS

      boni satani

      over 4 years ago #

      Thank you for the ideas.

      We currently do #1 #3 & #5.

      #4 - I am interested in asking my users, do you have any survey template I can refer to? - I think this is the best way to learn the cause behind low turn up ratio.

      We generally acquire registrations from our email campaigns to subscribers & through social media sharing by authority people.

  • ET

    Everette Taylor

    over 4 years ago #

    @morganb is our resident webinar guru, he may be able to provide some insight

  • NH

    Nathan Hague

    over 4 years ago #

    Hey Boni - good thing to do also, is to send a video email to get them excited for turning up. "Hey! It's Boni from and I can't WAIT to see you tomorrow at (GMT time). We'll be covering and don't forget to register here "

    Works for us. Hopefully add to your percentages :)

    Good luck!


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