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In Google Analytics, the default setup for a positioned based attribution model, 40% of the credit is assigned to each the first and last interaction, and the remaining 20% credit is distributed evenly to the middle interactions. Do you just stick with the 40/20/40 ratio or is there a way to come up with a better ratio based on some data? How are you doing it?

  • SL

    Simon Lejeune

    about 4 years ago #

    Hi Karolis! I set up a 60/20/20 attribution but I adjust based on user engagement (time on site) which I find pretty smart. Still feels like it's too much for the last interaction (20%) that is usually direct (when there are 3 or more interactions).
    My initial thought to give more weight to the first interaction is that our service and our brand are usually not known by our audience when they first find it. Where a most popular brand or service would give less weight to the discovery phase (first interaction). But not really backed by data.

    • KD

      Karolis Dzeja

      about 4 years ago #


      I understand that if the brand is unknown, which is the case, then the first impression matters a lot. Where if the brand is known, then a time-decay model should be more accurate, because the brand didn't need the introduction.

      How are you managing a model where dynamic based on user engagement? Are you using something that's custom built for this case?

      When it comes to valuing the first interaction vs the last interaction, do you know of any formulas to help determine how to setup the ratios?

  • DR

    dave rigotti

    almost 3 years ago #

    At Bizible we're using a custom attribution model that aligns with the stages in our buyers journey. Specifically we give weighted credit to first touch, lead creation, demo scheduled, opportunity creation, and closed-won with a minor percentage to all middle touches.

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