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Recently we received several recommendations of good candidates for AMAs.  Rather than just accept or decline based on our opinions, we wanted to bring the community into the decision-making process. Nominate someone for an AMA:
  • Know someone who would be good for an AMA?  Please add their name below in comments.  Please add one name per comment and a link to their LinkedIn profile.
  • Before adding their name, check our AMA page to see if we haven't already done one with them.
Vote on names that have been nominated:
  • See someone on the list that you would enjoy for an AMA? Please upvote the comment that has their name. You can upvote as many people as you want.
Fine print:
  • Please don't add any comments (they will be removed).  We want a simple list of names and votes.
  • Just because someone receives a lot of votes, we won't necessarily be able to convince them to do an AMA.
  • Active community member votes will be more heavily weighted in our decision to invite someone to do an AMA.