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  • BC

    briain curtin

    almost 6 years ago #

    Search and direct traffic (if URL is present on brand ad) spikes are always a good barometer for consumer interest.

  • GG

    Gab Goldenberg

    almost 6 years ago #

    My understanding of brand advertising is to create brand awareness aka recognition, with the ultimate goal of influencing purchase behaviour in store (or calls to a direct response call center). Therefore there are two primary ways to measure this, afaik:
    1) Studies about brand recall (with a hint and without, aka prompted and unprompted). E.g. Show someone the headline from your ad, or the main benefit and ask what company / brand it's from... There's more to this, but that's the general idea.
    2) Split testing two geomarkets - one with brand ads and one without - and seeing if you have a significant increase in in-store purchases in the one with the brand ads.

    It's a question of where in the funnel you want to measure.

    As to optimizing ... consider what factors play into recall and instore preference, and split test them:
    - opening line aka headline of the ad (I wrote opening line because you may not think video/radio ads have headlines... but you'd be wrong)
    - repetition
    - associations (unusual colors, e.g. pink for a men's sports team or other manly products, audio triggers like jingles)
    - bundling / offer split tests
    - shelf space
    - instore marketing e.g. free samples, aisle caps etc

  • RC

    Robert Carter

    almost 6 years ago #

    One quick and dirty way to measure brand awareness online is to look at the growth of your branded organic traffic. It's harder now with (not provided).

    A more accurate way to get this same data is to run branded AdWords campaigns (at max budget to capture all impressions) and look at the growth in impressions and clicks.