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Semi-theoritical question: You’ve been given $10k for “marketing” (plus or minus a couple of k) a pre-launch API product with the goal of focusing on starting the longer enterprise sales cycle. Primary metric is enterprise leads qualified, secondary metric is other revenue. What’s your plan to maximize those goals?

Current status:

-Product is 65% functional currently but moving forward quickly

-Chrome Extension is on roadmap but 60-90 days out

-Have 2 dozen people on "early access list" from various conversation on Slack channels and hand to hand networking.

  • PL

    Pierre Lechelle

    almost 5 years ago #

    If you don't have any customer, I'd suggest you to give access to your "early access list", gather their feedback and iterate on your product for a while.

    If you have some, make sure that you've a product worth shouting about:
    - What are you current customers saying?
    - Are they staying for a long time (Retention)?

    If you "only" have $10k to spend, I'd suggest you to focus on the following areas:

    - Content: is there a gap within your industry that you can fill up with your knowledge?

    - Sales: outreach to people directly and sell them your solution

    - Demand Generation

    Try to think about this: how can I target "enterprise"'s employee so that they can speak about the solution inside the company?

  • MB

    Morgan Brown

    almost 5 years ago #

    Hey @conrey -

    A couple of questions for you:

    Is this straight enterprise sales model (a la Box) or is it B2D2B a la (New Relic or Dropbox, etc.)?

    Do you have a pre-launch reference client?

    Let me know those two things, then I can share some ideas.

    • CC

      Chris Conrey

      almost 5 years ago #

      More B2B than B2C2B

      Have no real pre-launch reference client currently - was hoping to use a few off that beta list as that.

  • JW

    Jason Wise

    almost 5 years ago #

    We wasted about 1K in AdWords spend testing keywords and other stuff during our stealthy days, and I put and end to it fast.

    Right now I'm doing real sales work / lead generation and having moderate success by applying some new sales knowledge & recipes learned in workshops (some paid, some free).

    If you want an enterprise growth plan from scratch, our focus looks like this:
    Product -> Sales -> Marketing

    Differentiation is necessary for you with Product if you want to make any big deals over the next few months. We've tried to build a great product that is easy to use so we make things easier for ourselves in Sales & Marketing.

    I'll let you know how it pays off for us (or comes back to bite us in the ass).

    • CC

      Chris Conrey

      almost 5 years ago #

      Yeah Adwords is definitely off the table here. I guess I should have been clearer - when I said Marketing I was meaning things like early customer dev - getting in front of the right people via sponsorships or similar, and finding ways to get some notice in front of those "right people"

      • JW

        Jason Wise

        almost 5 years ago #

        Ah, yes! I've found that a warm introduction is great when I've identified someone who fits the profile of my target audience...I typically start with LinkedIn and work backwards from there. I have a few "ghost"emails that I fill out on behalf of my connection to reduce the burden on them.

        It's grueling work to find real sponsors that have decision making authority, so you really need to lean into your network to make the right introductions to make life a little bit easier. I can tell you that I've ruined tons of warm leads from being new to sales, but that's the only way you improve.

        Enterprise is painful, so I can empathize with your current situation. Best of luck!!