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Our key problems are: conversion rate tracking, ROI tracking (FB ads) & funnel tracking. Site is on WooCommerce and 90% of our traffic is from Facebook ads.

  • MB

    Morgan Brown

    over 7 years ago #

    I think it depends on your revenue and how much you want to invest. I'd consider the following:

    Google Analytics might not be optimized for your site. You might consider a GA consultant to get it dialed in for you. I've found that many people who think GA is limited just don't have a deep understanding of the product.

    But if that's not you, you can look at the following based on your revenue/$$ you want to invest:


    • BY

      Bryce York

      over 7 years ago #

      Thanks Morgan.

      Our research put KISSMetrics and MixPanel at the top of our list.

      Since we're in the early days of this venture and just want reliable information to test whether it's a viable business, $150/mo is a bit more than we were hoping.

      We came across www.jirafe.com and it looks pretty good but don't know anyone who's tried it out before.

      Thanks for the response Morgan.

  • BD

    Bruno Dillen

    over 7 years ago #

    My feeling is that GA is pretty well suited for the issues you are mentioning. Especially traffic sources (such as FB ads) are well suited. Do you use UTM tracking in your ads?

  • JL

    Jordan L

    about 5 years ago #

    Anyone recommending mixpanel doesn't run a reasonably large ecommerce site. I exhaust free plans (with bonus tracking) in less than a day if i set it up correctly to track all data points. Its also 100x harder to set up & manage for ecommerce. Funnels also suck in mixpanels for ecommerce.

    GA is what you want.

    By your initial post, I can tell you have not set it up correctly.

    Otherwise, you should look in to giraffe, which does do LTV (ga can't really help you with this, but simple export & excel can). Drupal commerce decided to go with them. I personally didn't like it and stuck with GA, but....

    But ya, you want to learn & setup GA properly.

    How to set up GA:

    1. Use utm links for all inbound traffic.

    2. Properly set up enhanced ecommerce. All features.

    3. Use virtual page views for the page hits in your funnel, then set them up in GA.

    4. Use shit tonne of events to track important things.

    5. Custom Dimensions & metrics can be useful to segment customers & page view / product types.

    6. If you really care you can import FB campaign ad spends in to GA although its not super easy. Eye balling between GA & FB is what I do as I haven't automated the import process.

    GA doesn't really do a good job for LTV. You could track this with user ids though.

  • GC

    Goran Candrlic

    over 7 years ago #

    Morgan put it nicely - if you need additional email notifications based on user engagement I would recommend MixPanel - also - there's a bigger free package (not promoted through their site) that gives you tracking of 175.000 data points - https://mixpanel.com/free/

  • CC

    Chris Conrey

    over 7 years ago #

    So I'm guessing your problem isn't that GA isn't going to do it, but that your GA isn't set up properly. That's something my company has made tons of clients happy with.

    The better question is usally what problem is GA not solving for you?

  • KH

    Khiem Ho

    almost 7 years ago #

    I just recommend you to add UTM tagging for all online campaigns. It will definitely help GA to sortout.

  • AI

    Ardi iranmanesh

    about 5 years ago #

    I suggest Woopra... they are the best in market: https://www.woopra.com/