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  • TD

    Tiffany Dasilva

    over 6 years ago #

    I think it depends on the product you want to promote.

    When Khan talks about the reason he made Khan Academy the way he did, he talks about removing distractions away from what he wanted the user to focus on. At the time he had a relative who he had created the videos for and since she didn't need to see his face he just focused on the whiteboard. When he looked back on it years later he realized that this was a huge part of Khan Academy's success.

    Now it's obviously a bit different because you're trying to sell the product but I think you can ask yourself some questions to find out if it is the right option.

    1) Do people really need to see the product in action with no distractions to get it?

    - If yes, then showing your face holds no value.

    2) Do they need to trust you before they will find your product credible enough to try?

    - If yes, then showing your face holds value.

    3) Is your product a more people focused product instead of a task focused product?

    - If people focused then you may need to switch back and forth to show the product without distractions but show that person behind the software.

    - If task oriented , then it might not be needed to show your face.