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A startup I'm helping found that their target audience spends tons of time on Twitter and Google Plus. Twitter I'm totally comfortable with. But does anyone know of Growth Hacks, Automated techniques, Growth Processes to get a Google Plus account to grow. I'm looking for more that the usual "post relevant content", "take part in conversations", "join a group" advice if possible. Thanks!

  • ES

    Eric Sornoso

    about 7 years ago #

    1.) Create a circle of top users in your niche.
    2.) Everyday when they post you should be +1 and commenting on their post.
    3.) Build a relationship with them.
    4.) They'll return the favor of +1 and commenting on your post.
    5.) Do this for 2-3 months. You can thank me later.

    • EL

      Earl Lear

      about 7 years ago #

      Richard Branson keeps ignoring me... LOL

    • DA

      David Arnoux

      about 7 years ago #

      This is exactly what I was looking for. Something somewhat automated and repeatable daily/weekly. Do you think this will work well for a company account? From Twitter experience, these sorts of techniques works 2X 3X faster with personal accounts.

  • SM

    Stuart McKeown

    about 7 years ago #

    Cross pollination is key, give users that follow you on other networks a reason to follow you on G+.

    - Post specific types of content that aren't available elsewhere
    - Incentivize (G+ doesn't particular like this, but no reports of anything being done), we do quite a bit to help businesses drive users across multiple networks.
    - Ask users to follow you on thank-you pages

  • ET

    Everette Taylor

    about 7 years ago #

    As someone just starting to use Google+ as a tool, I've used Twitter (something I'm comfortable with) as a tool to leverage people into checking out the Google Plus page.

    I believe that also making sure you provide relevant and interesting content to people on Google Plus including videos and blog posts - the audience will build. It's just that being on Twitter has gotten us use to being able to build an audience quickly, I thing Google + just takes more time.

  • AS

    Aaron Short

    about 7 years ago #

    Any tips for creating and operating an account named after my business?

    Seems like the only option is personal accounts.