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Just curious if anyone has found any success using flipboard, or lack thereof.

  • DA

    David Arnoux

    almost 7 years ago #

    Hi Everette,

    Like Anuj mentioned hereunder we've been curating a Flipboard for Twoodo for about 2/3 months now. We use targeted content (startups, saas, growth, productivity), we recycle a lot of our own posts, our guest posts and the content we share on various social media. Like everything we treated this as a test. The results are to be honest not fantastic. UTM trackers indicate low numbers of acquisition through this source and we're yet to break past the 500 readers mark. We might be doing something wrong though. Haven't been able to "hack" ourselves to the home page. Also we didn't send a link to the flipboard to all our users yet.

    Having said that, the effort to input content and release a new "flipboard" weekly is so low (approx. 1hr if you reuse your best content from buffer analytics..) that we keep curating it. It's still a steady source of traffic.

    • ET

      Everette Taylor

      almost 7 years ago #

      Thanks for the insight David, appreciate your honesty as well. I think I'll play around with it to see if its worth it, especially if the time putting it together is so low.

  • AA

    Anuj Adhiya

    almost 7 years ago #
  • GG

    Gab Goldenberg

    almost 7 years ago #

    It's just a fancy UI for content. Big deal. They used to have this same kind of thing and some magazines used it so you could see the page flip. Cheap trick that doesn't enhance my experience. $0.02

  • JM

    Jason Miguel

    almost 7 years ago #

    Everette you're on to something with flipboard.

    Just spent the last few days reading up on it.

    Our next venture is gonna be built around flipboard magazines.

    My team here agrees that if done properly flipboards (Content curation model) can be more engaging than Instagram, and easier/cheaper than video marketing.

    I dont currently see any viral loopholes in their platform (just yet).
    But flipboard is looking for "alternate interesting use cases" of there platform and will "recommend those use cases in the future".
    You just have to be clever to get on that recommended list. Not that hard.

    But the benefits you get with being able to provide quality content in such a beautiful UI is a game changer.

    The way I see flipboard flow is this

    1.drive traffic to site
    2. Capture email at registration
    3. Provide the best industry specific flipboards (About 15)
    3. all links in flipboards will be http://sharedby.co/ to keep our branding.
    4. create relationships thru flipboard content and email marketing.

    • ET

      Everette Taylor

      almost 7 years ago #

      Awesome, looking forward to see how that works out for y'all. I'm going to run some of my own tests.

  • HV

    Hans van Gent

    about 5 years ago #

    I started out this Flipboard magazine just as a test a couple of years ago, where I would flip all the articles I share on my personal account into a curated magazine. This way I would have like a catalog as well for myself when I wanted to find something. Although it's not the easiest way of doing things (there is no API at Flipboard so you can't buffer your post in there as well for example), I've been slowly growing that audience for my magazine to around 5.5K subscribers at the moment.

    Whenever I flip content in my magazine of my own writing I can see a bunch of traffic coming in via my magazine. It's not as big as other communities online, but still in the grander scheme of number of visitors on my content it seems worthwile enough to continue and spend the one second it will take (when you have the browser extension) to just continue with it..