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Curious to know what the best method for capturing email addresses has been for folks - whether it's a MailChimp embedded form, apps like Hello Bar and SumoMe, etc. And what is the ask? Other than "join our email list." Are you giving something away?

  • BD

    Brennan Dunn

    almost 6 years ago #

    I've done a few things lately to DoubleYourFreelancing.com that have yielded a ~9.8% opt-in rate (unknown visitors -> opt-in)...

    - Intelligent CTAs: Depending on what you're reading (and optionally, what you've done/bought from me), I show personalized CTAs.
    - Ditch as many distractions as possible. Nav, headline, content, CTA that slides in after 50% of the article has been read. No sidebar.
    - Exit modal for visitors who haven't opted in to my list (major pet peeve of mine is when people show opt-in widgets or exit modals to people *already* in their database)

    I'm not a huge fan of overwhelming people with call-to-actions. I determine what action I want someone to take, and all CTAs (bottom of page, exit modal, ...) all reflect that.

    The primary opt-in that most people see is for my email course (http://doubleyourfreelancing.com/free-pricing-course/), which is a 9 day email course that promotes my paid course, Double Your Freelancing Rate.

    I'm also not using any plugins. I do have a pretty crazy WordPress functions file that sends visitors through a plinko board based on what they've bought and what they're reading on my site and determine an offer and messaging, but the CTAs are just HTML/JS fragments that get shown depending on what my system determines to promote.

    I typically get only about 600-700 unique visitors a day to my site, and I'm netting 50-80 opt-ins a day.

  • PL

    Peep Laja

    almost 6 years ago #

    The more ways to capture emails, the more emails you capture. Static offers boxes on sidebar and underneath blog posts, scroll triggered boxes and popups. They don't cannibalize, but add.

    Test what works for your site better, but I recommend to be bold, and ignore the haters.

    • AG

      andrew gale

      almost 6 years ago #

      The king speaks!

    • BJ

      Ben Jabbawy

      almost 6 years ago #

      Totally agree with you on this. That's why we built our website widget on landing page tool (free). Super simple to install and then design the opt-in widgets and landing pages with no code. Would love for you to test it out for us. http://privy.com/beta

  • FM

    Francois Mathieu

    almost 6 years ago #

    At Uberflip, we capture most emails using our own product (www.uberflip.com). We use 4 types of placements for form CTAs:

    - Across the content library
    - Pop-ups on articles (after 60 seconds)
    - Alongside content (below content on mobile)
    - Overlay to gate premium content (webinars, eBooks)

    We also use HubSpot forms on COS landing pages for some of our marketing offers with longer forms (5-7 fields).

  • JD

    Jared Dees

    over 5 years ago #

    I doubled the number of optins I usually get in from July to December after I started using Leadpages and "content upgrades" to grow my email list.

    The optins from the content upgrades and Leadboxes have consistently outperformed the MailChimp embedded forms every month since I changed my strategy.

    Bryan Harris from Videofruit has a great resource on content upgrades: http://blog.videofruit.com/email-subscribers/

    Here is a summary:

    1. Checklist version of the post
    2. Relevant Links (Buyers Guide/software/equipment, How to links to blog posts/videos)
    3. How-to Video
    4. Q&A Video
    5. PDF Version of post
    6. Mini Video Course
    7. Exact Scripts
    8. Swipe File
    9. Templates
    10. Software Giveaways
    11. Time with you

    Here are some other helpful resources:

    Leadpages: http://blog.leadpages.net/content-upgrade/

    Brian Dean, Backlinko: http://backlinko.com/conversion-optimization

    Stu McLaren talks about something similar with his "WAH Sandwich": http://mixergy.com/interviews/stu-mclaren-wishlist-member-interview-2/

  • SM

    Stuart McKeown

    almost 6 years ago #

    Switched exclusively to a new app we've been building called Capture: https://gleam.io/app/capture

    Increased our opt-ins by around 1000% with recent tests (still testing more stuff though): http://blog.gleam.io/opt-ins/

    Key takeaways:

    - Scroll based opt-ins are fairly effective on longform content
    - Decent incentives to opt-in trump almost everything
    - Specific opt-ins for specific pages are amazing

    If anyone here wants to use, hit me up and I'll double your beta credits to 10k.

    • BH

      Brad Hussey

      almost 6 years ago #

      I'd love to know your experience with Gleam.io vs. SumoMe. If it's still on the table, I'd appreciate a beta credit bonus :)

      • SM

        Stuart McKeown

        almost 6 years ago #

        Sure, signup & I'll apply it. No comparison data on competitors, focused on making our solution the best.

      • IM

        Ismail Mohammed

        over 5 years ago #

        Would - love the bump. In addition, I really wish the prices were cheaper for your other products. Would have preferred one tool like yours to manage everything but now we have to pick and choose vendors to keep the costs down.

    • SR

      Sam Rexford

      over 5 years ago #

      Any plans to integrate with Act-On?

  • BH

    Brad Hussey

    almost 6 years ago #

    I've been experimenting with SumoMe, which has been working quite well, but what's yielded the most success for me is in my free online courses and tutorials (on YouTube for example):

    I give my students the option to download "bonus" material (course files, source code, design assets, etc.) in exchange for an email address. This alone gets me 20 - 30 subscribers a day.

  • AR

    ameer rosic

    almost 6 years ago #

    #1 Leadbox to Button with pic
    #2 Exit pop up
    #3 Content Upgrades
    #4 Optimize About page
    #5 Use Heath Maps for behavior
    #6 Make a very compelling Thank you page
    #7 Rinse and repeat to improve with 80/20 rule

  • JP

    John Proksch-Whaley

    almost 6 years ago #

    Before launching we used SeedProd's "Coming Soon Pro" as a splash page. Now that we've launched, we've implemented MailMunch, which has been working great as a configurable, free pop-up email capture tool.

  • CB

    Chris Bui

    almost 6 years ago #

    I started a new blog. I added Sumome and I'm using the scroll box to get people on my list. I'm thinking that if they're engaged with the content they would more likely convert to the list.

    On the top, I have the sumo me bar which tries to get people to follow me on Twitter. Not sure at all if this will be effective. I don't think it will be.

    And I don't use the sumo me pop up box because that's just super annoying. Maybe I'll change my mind one day.

  • SS

    stephen sumner

    almost 6 years ago #

    I'm using the Sumome apps, having some great success with these in terms of conversions, List Builder is giving me a very good conversion rate.

  • CA

    Casey Armstrong

    almost 6 years ago #

    I have 2 newer methods I've been testing that are working quite well.

    1) Gumroad => MailChimp

    The CTA is a now free product I've created (discounted from $XX to $0 on Gumroad), which then gets pushed into MailChimp via Zapier. People like free products, especially when they provide a lot of value AND typically aren't free.

    2) Qualaroo Mobile

    I covered this on the Qualaroo blog before, but running it again for another project. Basically, a mobile popup. What I like about using Qualaroo is 1) I can just add the Qualaroo code to the site once, then setup different popups on different pages easily and 2) the popup looks good on mobile, regardless of device.

    • JP

      Juan Parodi

      over 5 years ago #

      Is Qualaroo woth it? I think it´s too expensive in return of what it give. Is any other cheaper tool that has the same function?

    • IM

      Ismail Mohammed

      over 5 years ago #

      Ugh - I just don't see the pricing ROI for Qualaroo. Instead use Google Consumer Survey and and pay 1c per response.

  • PG

    Pillai G

    over 5 years ago #

    I always used to think as a lot of email marketing campaigns are being done by few hundred thousand people nowadays as they believe the "money" is in the list. Most of the time the user base for a specific niche consist of the same people most of the time. If person A and person B is offering same offering i.e affiliate products. At the end of the day the value of the subscriber is being shared between two or more different email marketing. Kindly correct me if I'm wrong!

  • JK

    Jake Kassan

    over 5 years ago #

    You should be A/B testing your opt in form to determine the best results. Incentives like discounts are definitely key but even little things like testing copy and creative can have huge results.

    In most cases, your home page will get the most traffic than any other page on your site. So optimizing your home page opt in should be the first place you start. What you learn there can in turn help you on other areas on your site. As others have already said, your CTA will be to sign up, so make it very clear on the incentives the user will receive for giving you their email.

    Example: If offering 10% off increased email sign ups by 15%, well than that should be applied to other areas of your site as you would expect similar good results.

  • GT

    Grant Thomas

    over 5 years ago #

    seen great success with our clients at http://www.justuno.com/. It's an on site promotions platform that converts a higher rate of traffic into leads by offering instant incentives. Easy to create opt in pop up forms in just a few minutes.

    The Key differentiation from competitors is fully customizable design, unrivaled segmentation and targeting controls, and great support from the team.

    Get in touch if you want to get a great Rate!